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Send Us a Postcard

Write it, stamp it, mail it in.
We want to hear from the community the old-fashioned way, by getting everyone to send us a postcard or letter. The Writing Community has such a wide spectrum of members and we’d like to get to know everyone a little better. Tell us what your favorite pens and/or products are, things you’d like to see on Massdrop, show us your handwriting skills, or even just say hello. Send us a postcard (or letter) by Monday, September 25th, and we’ll choose 5 people to write back to. If you’re lucky, there may just be something else in there for you ;). Absolutely everyone is eligible to participate with this, and we hope to make it sweet for those that choose to take part. We can’t wait to hear from you and would love to do this more often.
Send your postcards (or letters) to: Massdrop PO BOX 2344 San Francisco, CA 94126

Give us your feedback. We would love to know what you think about what we’re doing in the Writing Community. Leave your comments in the discussion below and feel free to let us know if you’re sending us something!
We can’t wait to see all your postcards and letters!
Don’t forget to send them to us before Monday, September 25th!
Thank you for participating!
Miyu, DataWarrior, and 21 others

Should we have another round of postcards? Since it’s time for summer vacations it came to mind that it would be nice to send you a card from somewhere, wherever. :)
I just got into the writing community and trying to improve my atrocious handwriting. This would be really fun and motivating for me to keep it up.
For me, the best advice for improving my handwriting was something along the lines of ”above all, stay curious of what happens when you write”. Also, try to stick with fun stuff. It’s good to be kind of mindful, instead of banging one’s head on the ugly mistakes. The ugly stuff is likely a sign on how your handwriting works and will grow up to something awesome when given a little bit of room and guidance - and with a shipload of excercise. My handwriting was terrible when I started journaling, but it has improved over a few years. Although, I had to make it pleasing by doing it in a café and getting some fancy-pancy notebooks and pens. I think that I spent something like over 1500 € per year on coffee alone on those first years. :P
My card was just “returned to sender“ today. *cue sad but upbeat Elvis song* I think I sent it before all the address jive. So here’s photo evidence of my appreciative doodle, although somewhat battered and bruised. ;)

Hi guys! Wanted to send a quick update. We've received an absolute ton of postcards and we plan to write back some of you. If we could write back to all of you we absolutely would. We love that you took the time to send us your postcards and would love to do this again soon!
Just sent the prettiest postcard design I could find--albeit a bit late. Would love to find out what you'll be doing with them after
Very much looking forward to it! It's okay that it's late. We've really liked the response we've gotten given this is our first time doing this.
It's kind of fun. Hopefully not the last :)
Good news, everyone! We've already started receiving postcards from you and that's a big relief because I know some of you may have experienced returns. I've corrected the address in the post above so please use that specifically when sending us mail. For those that got their mail returned, feel free to shoot me a message via my email and I can help you out!
This is not the place for complaints, there are other remedies for that. People that are complaining about receiving items right away - the dates are clearly spelled out in each listing, so you know going in how long it will take to get the item. Delays do occur, and those are hardly Massdrop's fault, that would lie with the vendor.
If you're getting unwanted emails, select no emails. I for one look forward to Massdrop emails - how else would I find out about new items up for sale? Anyone expecting that 100% of the items in a MD email are applicable to them is not being reasonable.
Find a better price somewhere else? Great, buy it! Massdrop never claimed to have the lowest price on the planet. I'm sure they try their best, but anyone with an ounce of business sense will realize the lowest price is almost always going to be with the largest quantities involved. If Massdrop sells 100 units of item A, and Amazon orders 10,000 units to sell, Amazon will probably get the best price and pass that on to the consumer. It always pays to shop around and price compare, Massdrop is no different!
Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!
Well said.
Thanks Cab, I appreciate the feedback!
That's a spendid idea .
To whom it may concern,
I sent in a letter to the address listed above, and it was just returned by USPS saying "No such address". Is there an alternate address to send to?
Kind regards,
Dean Fukawa
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Hey AG, everything should be fixed now, but feel free to shoot me a note and I can help you with your returned card. (
Aloha Duncan,
Thanks for the assist. I will try again.
I got a photo postcard heading your way!
A little inspiration for those of you on the fence:
holy shit, so doing this.
I'm sorry that some are disappointed. I make it a point to check out the things I order, and try and be a wise shopper with everything I purchase, whether on Massdrop or elsewhere. Most of the time, I come away satisfied. On a few occasions, I haven't been happy with the things I've gotten from Massdrop, and it's been rather easy to arrange a return, so I have nothing but the highest compliments to offer regarding Massdrop's customer service. New subject: as a fountain pen user for over six decades (right!) I'm delighted to be sending you a postcard. It's a fun exercise, and I'm happy to participate. In this age of electronic communication, it's far too easy to lose sight of our fundamental humanity, and handwritten correspondence is an excellent way of grounding ourselves. Thanks, Massdrop, for coming up with this delightful idea. Now I've just got to find the right denomination stamp for a postcard. :)
Snail mail headed your way today! I love little motivational exercises like this, so thanks.
This is amazing!!! Thank you!
wow i love this so much
If you guys spent 1/100th of the time you spent spamming me with offers than you did, you know getting me the product I actually ordered, I'd be much much happier with the service. As it is, all I have to show for placing an order is a vague email about a delay in delivery and about 50 emails for things I don't want. I should have ordered from Amazon where the product was and remains available.
Today is 9/7/17 and I am still waiting for several orders that "we" won. Darn tough socks on 7/31/17, Dry Sack on 8/3/17 and Mountain Hardwear Ghost jacket, 8/13/17. So I guess I echo the pervious post. please send items. Waiting 1-2 day days later to get tracking...that's another joke. Tracking is terrible. Maybe if we sent our payment to you in snail mail, you might feel our pain. BTW, I saw that you have a Naztech MIni for sale for $39.00. I just got one from Amazon for the same price before the Drop ended.....
I totally hear that. Our Logistics department is on the front lines every day trying to resolve issues like this, and I see it because I sit 15 feet away from them. We on the Communities team are trying to come up with ways to engage with everyone so it's a bit of a different thing entirely. That being said, if you have an issue that's still outstanding I can totally try and help you (#YNWA). That goes for you too @Cast_Iron_Kid. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll do what I can.
I will do my best to find something appropriate to send. :D
If I sent a postcard tomorrow, it would reach sometime next month
All good. Would still love to get something from you.
I like it. Long live snail mail.