Liners, base layers..or both!?
In the pursuit of being as ultralight as possible, while maintaining a level of luxury, I have come to realize that wearing shorts and a tshirt with my quilt is not sufficient. I sweat 100% of the time, no matter the temperature. I know, disgusting. My goal is to make my EE Enigma quilt last forever so, I need your help. What do you all look for in base layers? What do you look for in liners? What is your overall strategy? My level of Ultralight is 24lbs with 3 days of food and 2 full 2L. Thanks,

I have a Cocoon brand 100% silk liner that I picked up at REI. I've used that for several years to help keep my sleeping bag or quilt clean. Lately I've skipped the silk bag liner, and just wear injiniji NuWool liner toe socks, 20 year old Patagonia fleece long underwear bottoms, REI long sleeved 100% silk top, and possibly a hat if cool out. If it's cold out I add a 250 weight SmartWool hoody, gloves, balaclava etc. Hope this helps!
Jul 16, 2019
Jul 4, 2019
When I sleep in very cold weather,(-30s) I use a cheap polyester bag liner to keep me warm. I got mine at MEC from their house brand. However, when it gets humid in the summer, I use a base layer. Recently I fell in love with the Capilene kit from Patagonia. It breathes really well and is comfortable even with a sunburn.
Jul 4, 2019