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All kinds of "Monsters"

Hey all ! So between these three, if you got your hands on one, which one would you go for ? My understanding is that the darker orange one is very rare finding (The Superior). I suspect the SRP311 is a 2nd Gen but i also might be totally wrong. Is one better than the other ? How about accuracy ? How does those compare vs a swiss made mid-range priced watch ? Or would you just opt for the latest and cheapest of them all, the 5 series "Mini" Monster (see the last pic for reference SRPB39J1 ) ? Thank you !

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I've got 3. The Orange, Halloween, and BLK, with gold trim. Also considering selling the Halloween and BLK/Gold. The Halloween for sure. Not sure of the BLK/Gold. The Orange Monster is a grail, went through hell and back to get it. Plus I paid way tooo much for it. It's AHHHH KEEPER. I'm getting buried with it! lol

I love my Orange Monster
I have that exact 2nd series sunburst monster with the black ion coating..... except mine has the black steel bracelet..... Fantastic watch! Interesting to know prices are rising .......I was drawn to it straight away...
Yes prices have gone up big time. I have the 315k NOS brand new for sale actually. It is a great watch !

If the price isn't too outrageous, I would go for the real deal. To me, it is preferable to have the original with the better depth rating, than it's less expensive sibling. You can always pick up a baby monster at a later date.
Makes sense, thank you !
This is the one I’m after

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Very nice, possibly the blue one. Will have to think about it :) great collection 👍
Absolute classic and it wears way smaller than it's 42mm case measures. A KEEPER in my book. Cheers...
Monsters got to have teeth, so I'd pick the 2nd gen, especially a J model. As far as accuracy, I've seen up to ±45 seconds per day. I don't think the Orange Night Monster is a rare watch, but it might be hard to find and process are going up lately from what I've seen, especially for J models. The last two pics are probably both Baby Monsters as I don't think any regular Monsters had the Seiko 5 logo. Seiko 5s are considered "sports"watches and usually aren't actually dive watches. They usually don't have a screw down crown or more than 100m depth rating. If you know what you're getting, a Baby Monster can be a good deal, especially in today's Monster market, but I'm partial to the 2nd gen ones myself
I agree with you that monsters gotta have teeth :) I’m considering getting the srp 315 or 309 whichever one I find first, both really hard to find especially the 309 J model