May 1, 2019155 views
I love the fact that Massdrop and Spyderco was able to put together a specialty/premium offering at a great price. This made easy work of building a truly custom, one-off piece.

I have a titanium scaled, Damascus bladed Endura, and I love it. How do you like the steel on that gorgeous Endura?

Thank you @kearntroy. So far so good. I’ve really not used it all that hard yet. I really only have two complaints as the knife was received out of the box. First is that the cutting edge wasn’t cleaned up after having been ground, seemingly no final hone if you will. I hit it will a ceramic stone a few times to get rid of the rolled edge and it was much better. Second is the spine of the knife was still very rough like the original piece was punched from a sheet of steel rather than having been laser cut. Took a couple of hours with varying sandpaper grit but I got it down to dang near a mirror finish. I may hit it with some 2000 grit, wet sand and polish it. Overall I am pleased though.

That's gorgeous, I like your style! Where did you get those awesome scales?
Thanks @stoutdog! Those are from Cool Hand Gear.
What is the knife or original
It is the Massdrop/Spyderco Endura with the Super Gold Steel blade that is currently being sold here.