Any Starter Build TKL (or less) Recommendations?

Hi. I'm looking to build a high profile - something nice and chunky, in the vein of a Heavy Shell Barix. Also something that has a standard layout for easy cap-swaps. Nothing apart from the alphabet is really required. So far I've seen a good range of case colours for a Tofu and for a KBD661, both of which appear to give the ability to set a standard row layout. (Did see on Reddit that you can even cut a copper sheet to fit in the Tofu board.) A not-black/silver is very inviting! In terms of keys, I assume soldering is required in the above two examples? Is it even possible to (home) build a hot-swappable board? Sorry for such basic questions. I realise Reddit is the go-to, but I don't seem to get on very well with navigating that site. I have three low profile boards and find the aesthetic ugly. Yes, it took three times to realise. The Magnificent PC board is lovely and all, but the keys look naked. I'm ready and willing to build now. To type on something that's mine. EDIT: I was about to buy a bunch of Box Jades in preparation, but just realised - I'll need to get keys with all four pins wont I, not just two? ANOTHER EDIT: If that's the case, Gateron Blues would be a good substitute? PS: Is the degree amount indicative of how chunky it is? In other words, is the Evil-82 with a 7 degree slope chunkier than a board with a 5, or does it just mean it's more suited to taller caps?

May 4, 2019
KBD67 is probably the best value beginner kit you can get. Also you can wait till polaris by ai03 will come out. And no you do not really need all 4 pins if you are doing a build with a switchplate. IMO gateron blue as well as all other click jacket switches suck. If you really like clickies go for kailh box.
May 5, 2019
Hey thanks for replying! Appreciate it. Wow, this polaris looks nice and chunky! Thanks also for the switch advice. That's great, I will stick with the Kailh as I love Jade and Navy.
May 6, 2019
Any time dude. Welcome to the rabbit hole.