Does anyone have experience utilizing the Beyerdynamic Impacto Universal Cable Dac?

I love the detail , soundstage and imaging utilizing this Dac with my T1’s. However, I cannot get my desired higher volume listening levels and even decent headroom when listening at moderate volume levels. At home I utilize THX 789’s/GustardX20’s or WA7’s and love the sound. However, I haven’t figured out how to utilize the Impacto when I’m traveling and just want to relax in my hotel room with my T1’s. Does anyone have a solution and still utilize this incredible Dac? The very specific cable dac portion is a conundrum I haven’t figured out.

Jan 24, 2021
The Beyerdynamic Impacto drains the battery of cell phones faster, as compared to other devices with a portable Sabre Dac/Amp. There is a tradeoff for its superior sound, but it falls on the right side of sound if you carry a charger and do not mind charging mid~day. If you have the Universal version, the included attachable battery pack should mitigate cell phone battery drain~ in theory.
Jan 24, 2021
I utilize the Beyerdynamic Impacto with a newer version of the HIFIMAN HE400i (updated Jack inputs). Perfect combo focused on portability. Less clinical sounding, more energetic with quick bass, while retaining spaciousness, revealing qualities of the headphone. Very exciting planar magnetic sound, and I saved a lot of money to boot.
Beyer's website says that inline DAC/amp puts out a max output of 7mW at 600ohm. The T1 swings as high as 1400 ohm at 100hz. Innerfidelity measured the wattage needed to reach 90db at 1khz (665 ohms) as .18mW. That means dynamic swings (+20db from that reference) will require over 20mW of power, something I don't think the Impacto can deliver based on it's specs. Are you running any EQ on your system?
I wouldn't beat yourself up over it, I agree Beyer should have been more a little more thorough. Given that they also market this for the T5p, Amiron and whatever the heck that on ear is called the T1 is vastly different than the other headphones as far as amplifier load goes. Loads north of 300ohm are pretty difficult for many amplifiers that aren't full blown desktop models.
Apr 15, 2020
I have read that there is a volume limiter in the Impacto to comply with EU regulations. Google it, but I think you need to press and hold the volume button or something to override it.
May 4, 2019
For clarity, I do not utilize the Impacto in my home setup.
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