Romer-G / Omron key caps

Hey I recently bought the SoundBlasterX K08 keyboard and I'm really enjoying. It is my first mechanical keyboard and I'm extremely new to the field of keyboards, mice, etcetc. I'm enjoying getting into it and really customizing my setup after so long of rocking a like 12$ mouse and a 10$ keyboard. I totally didn't do my research and am now finding out that the key caps and key switches are totally different shapes! I know, I guess I should've not only researched it, but I should've actually thought a bit more into it. My question / discussion is now that I have these not so popular key switches, where can I find customizations or replacements? I have been checking around the net and I'm not finding any. I'll obviously keep looking because that's half the fun of actually finding stuff, but I was wondering if you guys had any insight. I've found people that say there just are no sellers or manufacturers because people hate the omron / romer-g keycap, but I found they are pretty nice compared to my junk keyboards lol. Anyhow, has anyone else bought this keyboard? What do you guys think? Thanks for the help, by the way.
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May 10, 2020
I have the same problem i was on amazon and found a deal for a logitech keyboard (this uses the same keys as yours pretty much) there was one left so i jumped on it only to relise it has german keys which in not ideal , after search around i found a few source that say the Gamma Zulu switches from DasKeyboard are pretty much the same they . i havent tested this but this yet but from the pics i have seen the look the same altenately there is a vid on youtube where a guy sands off the colour the you could paint them yourself and/or order kaycap stickers. hope this helps
May 6, 2019
As far as I'm aware, no one makes them. Currently there's only one keyboard on the market that uses them, so it's unlikely artisan keycap makers are going to bother with making molds for them. The keycap market is already small and is dominated by CherryMX style stems, it's difficult enough for people using Alps switches to get caps because they're such a small part of the market, and the Romer-G style is even a smaller percentage.
May 5, 2019