Thoughts on the Cooler Master SK621

Today I saw a short article about a new keyboard from Cooler Master, the SK621. It's a low profile bluetooth keyboard that looks pretty decent.

Here's the link: Now, I know Cooler Master doesn't make the best keyboards, but my girlfriend won't use a keyboard that's anything other than low profile, and I know these are good for a mainstream gaming brand. I'm posting this here because I want to see what you guys think about this keyboard. Thoughts on battery life? Layout? Modifiability?

May 20, 2019
I know there are definitely some videos on it. If you need more assistance on the topic, YouTube tends to be your best friend.
May 11, 2019
From what I understand the stems are totally unique to Cooler Master keyboards that use these switches/keys and so you can only replace them with the same caps. Plus the plastic case is really flimsy and cheap feeling. It's a good keyboard for a quick 30-second typing moment if you're sitting on your couch and need to look up a movie title on your smart TV or your HTPC, other than that - to me anyway - it is too lightweight and too cheap feeling, plus proprietary stems I feel was a total mistake by Coolermaster.
May 22, 2019
I wasn't aware of the proprietary stems. That changes things.
It uses the cherry low profile switches. I don't think it will have the ability to be modified (using standard cherry MX) since the low profile switch has the huge button circle that the spring and stem fall into. The PCB design would change to fit that. Maybe the metal contact legs are also in a different spot.
May 9, 2019
I wasn't aware that they had different contact placements. The bigger hole shouldn't be an issue for other switches though, should it?
I'm only speculating the contact placements. I don't own any of these switches and haven't researched them enough. The big hole could make it hard for a standard switch to line up evenly