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Community Feedback: Interests Pages

Howdy everyone, As you well know, we’ve gone through some big changes lately. One of those changes has been to the design and layout of the website. What you see today isn’t the final iteration/version of the site by any means, as we’re always fine-tuning things here and there. We also do a lot of listening and aim to make adjustments from both quantitative data and qualitative feedback from all of you, as we continue to improve the overall experience. With all that being said, we want to jump into one particular area of the site: Interests. Most of you are probably aware this is where you find all the community content including general discussions, polls, and photos. Here’s what the current landing page looks like for an Interest (i.e. Audiophile):

Here’s what the page looks when you click through to explore the community:
While we simply won’t be able to make every change, we want to hear what matters most in regards to the user experience of the site. In the discussion below, tell us what you’d like to see changed, removed, added, or altered. We’ll be here taking note.
Thank you as always for letting us know what you think.

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What euphxenos said, I can't find shrit!
You've already heard plenty of people point out that the new site is harder to navigate than the old site; add another vote to that complaint. If you took the time to do a major rewrite, I'm surprised that you didn't fix the problem with tracking price points on drops that contain multiple items. Drops like GMK Oblivion V2 (which is running right now, and contains multiple sets of keycaps) do not automatically update the number of each item sold in the drop, and the resulting price point. Instead, somebody at Drop makes periodic manual updates to a table showing this information. On some drops, it gets updated frequently. On some, it might only see a few updates over a period of weeks. When the drop ends, we may or may not ever find out how many items were sold, and what the final price should *really* have been. In my opinion, missing, needed functionality like this should have been a higher priority than cosmetic changes. Web site development is not where I think Drop needs to be putting more time and effort. You need to do better at project management and interacting with your customers in drops. When a drop is behind schedule, and someone comes in at the last minute and posts an update saying its late, then doesn't respond to anyone's questions, that's going to piss off your customers a lot more than if you explain *why* it's late, and stick around to answer people's questions. Telling us what happened would go a long way toward getting a sympathetic reaction. What you're doing now drives people away. MT3 Susuwatari, Rama M10-B, and pretty much anything that JaleesaG does a drive-by on. You're setting the expectation that Drop employees will not help Drop's customers.
Count me in as a used-to-care person. I've mostly lost interest. I think the name change was dumb and pointless, but a lot of time that sort of thing is actually more about signaling investors or internal folks, and don't especially care. The new design is busy, distracting and less informative, but again, I could live with that. Actual problems for me are a lack of interest in the things being offered. There just isn't the same range of interesting, random things made by identifiable humans. There has always been higher-margin mass market stuff and sketchy junk here; you need to keep people fed, I get that. And I don't mind focusing on product design where the margins are - knives and headphone amps are nice markets for building product development capability without any particular deep expertise; you're mostly selling adjectives. But there just isn't much that interests me here anymore, and when there is, Amazon is doing the selling part better. I mean, I wish you luck. I know the business you end up building is rarely the business you wanted to build, and just staying alive is a victory. I just don't think I'm very interested anymore.
I'll start with the thanks for the interest in the community opinion about the look and feel of the site. Said that the major change i'll make is adding 3 tab in the page: 1 to the interst's shop/studio part , 1 for the community/discussion/pools part of that interst and the last would be a recap of latest activity/highlights similar to the actual home, with the last one as the default landing. From a UX perspective it would allow an easier navigation and compartimentlization. Hope to have been clear enough. Thanks again
Word to the UI/UX folks: the current user journey is one in which a user that buys things and participates in review and discussion can still take months to encounter the Drop Hub as such. Might wanna emphasize some top row linkage for a user path that immediately goes here. My hot take. :)
Price breaks gone, easy to navigate gone, branding gone, massdrop get your shit together.
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Will do. 👌
Holy hell. I think that urbanedcsupply is where I just went.
I don’t like this website at all anymore! The changes that have been made make no sense and are confusing and disorientating! I used to visit this site several times a day, now I visit it maybe once every three weeks or so, if that. All the changes that have been made to this website have made it much less enjoyable to navigate. I wish you would go back to the old web design. Also, where are all the new knife collaborations? I’ve been in on 36 knife drops, 15 of which were Massdrop collaborations with different designers and manufacturers. I will be receiving my Massdrop x Ferrum Forge x ProTech Mordax in the mail in the next couple of days, but after that I see nothing of interest on the horizon. Everyone knows that Reate and WE Knife make fantastic knives using super steels like M390, CPM-20CV and CTS-204P and handles using Carbon Fiber and Titanium....can’t you find a knife designer out there somewhere with an original idea who can get with these manufacturers and come up with a great knife? P.S. I feel like the Tashi Bharucha, Ferrum Forge well has run dry, is tapped out. You need some new designers with fresh ideas to collaborate with Reate and/or WE Knife to come in and rescue this knife community. Please! I really miss the old Massdrop! @JonasHeineman
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Nah bro, you're good. I could write paragraphs on the business and manufacturing realities that make some of what you describe very difficult to get done, but a lot of it is inside baseball and either can't be talked about or would bore most people to death. Suffice to say, going from 1 FFKW Falcon to 2 launches per month for about a year straight was pretty epic but not sustainable forever - it's been a bit slower pace in the last 3-4 months but it will pick up again soon, we just needed to catch our breath. You can't sprint a marathon, right?
It would probably be too expensive but have you ever tried to collaborate with Chris Reeve Knives or Rick Hinderer Knives?
Mostly stopped visiting the site with the re-design. Now with the latest changes I have no plans to stop by to look. Less description for newer posts. Pages and font size is super massive without any browser zoom on 100% DPI on a 24" 1440 monitor. The amount of scrolling just to look at 5-10 lines of specifications on the keyboard and audio sections I checked on were horrendous. Last, the name change. So now if I do a Google or Search Engine search then I am basically required to enter in '' although if I'm trying to find a discussion that isn't on concerning a drop then it will be much more difficult as there is nothing unique to the word or name 'drop'. Thanks but no thanks. It is easier to simply not use MassDrop anymore except in a very rare occasion I hear of a product that is only available here. Good bye!
I too hardly visit the site now. I used to like browsing the discussion threads for all my interests in the one feed. Now I struggle to find how I view "Wrist Check" posts in Watches as just one example. Instead of being able to view posts in all interests I now have to select each interest one at a time, and where is the discussion? Oh wait no I'm in the "Shop" area for the interest, and not the "Interests" page for the interest. Then is it Photos I want to check? Or perhaps it's posted in Questions? No wait perhaps it's in guides? Sorry, I've just given up.
It appears to me that each item now has a lot less description than it used to. I liked the old format much better and I completely agree with the name change being a mistake. Why would you change your brand to a new one. Apple won't change it's name for obvious reasons but Apple has nothing to do with electronics. Go back to Massdrop.
Well, I would like to always see all available items, even when I don't follow the interest, so I can see if it contains items that are interesting to me
first of all, fix your daily emails that are not displaying pictures of the items
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That's not right.. send me a screenshot to my email if you can. ( I'll get the team to take a look.
will do
i strongly dislike all the changes. i used to frequent the site daily, often multiple times a day. i have not been on the site at all. i see the emails, get bummed and move to the next. i dont understand the name change. massdrop was fine how it was. ive not bought anything since.
If I'm being honest, I spend about 90-95% LESS time on the site now. While I used to visit and be engaged multiple times daily, now I visit about once per week.
Obviously the single most annoying "feature" is the inability to navigate quickly (click once) to a location of interest, without triggering a bunch of pull-downs or activating a lot of slow loading graphics. Currently, if I want to go to directly to Watches from the Home page to see new items, it's a chore. Further, if I want to go to Watches and look at Wrist Checks, it's damn near impossible. I assume it's as frustrating for folks interested in other communities. Put another way, imagine for a moment MD is a book store--I don't want to have to read War and Peace, just to get to the Comic Book section! Bottom line: As others have stated; most of us are spending much less time on the site than we used to.
Well put, and thanks for the feedback Ray. Would agree I think we need to make it easier to navigate, not only to the actual community content, but to makes things a little more seamless in general.
I've honestly stopped visiting and spending time on the site since the changes to the layout. Before I could just click on "Discuss" and I'd go directly to all the audiophile threads / content. The impression that I got with the new layout is that Massdrop wants to suppress the discussion section of the website. Oh, and I also didn't get the point of the change of the name to "Drop". Was does drop mean? Drop in quality? Drop in options? Drop in benefits? Drop in interest? Drop in product availability? Drop in product range? This kind of silly decision is made by palookas sitting around a conference table trying to fix something that isn't broken, and end up ruining it.
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Thanks for the feedback! I'm a Product Designer here at Drop working with Duncan to improve the Interests page. We definitely don't want to suppress the discussion section of the site and feeling of community. I'd love to ask you more questions; I'm going to send you an email with more info. 
Sure thing. I'd be happy to share my views.
I think you should add a dark theme for nighttime. Sometimes it just gives people a headache.
I'm a grumpy old man that likes folding money much more than change. I would like to see the old format and the old prices. Perhaps this page would appeal to those who hold Ballad of the Thin Man in high esteem. Do you know what Mozart will be doing on your birthday? Decomposing. Change is not always desirable, nor good.
Honestly i don't have much faith left! Over the last years you had been given a lot of nice and good feedback by folks. But it seems to me, you don't care anyway, doing your own style. My interest, spending time here had been hours a day back over the years close to zero nowadays! To put it simple, only touching the surface.
Have a nice weekend!
I second this. My time on drop is now less than 5 minutes per visit simply because every screen looks repetitive and I no longer bother going through all my interest pages, just one or two. It may be a bad sign if you need to explain the webpage navigation to us 20+ year users of the web.
Fully agree. New layout is complex and hides the discussion content
The whole redesign is a hot mess. But, as for Interests specifically...
  1. You need to fix the total disconnect between Interests and Shop in terms of how things are organized. You currently have two totally different sets of categories that aren't always obvious in terms of where they correspond.
  2. In the Interests drop-down, only individual interests can be explored. There's no combo page for either "My Interests" or "Other Interests" that gives you a single page to view all interests in either category. I shouldn't have to check in on each of my selected interests one-by-one.
  3. Products/Drops should be the top section by default.
  4. Giving us the option to set the order of sections would be nice (either globally or per interest; best would be a customizable global setting with an optional per-page override that can be customized differently).
  5. Setting up common sub-interests for each interest and allowing us to opt out of including them in the default views, email alerts, etc. would be greatly appreciated. (I'd love to be able to permanently strike knives out of Everyday Carry unless I explicitly go looking for them.)
  6. The entire layout, this... gallery view thing? Ugly, cheap-looking, inefficient. Each category, and each item in each category, takes up a ton of screen real-estate while giving you very little actual utility.
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Hi Derek, if you've sent an email, I haven't received it. (Nothing in spam, either.) Also, not to put too fine a point on it, if you're planning to lean on community members for detailed feedback on the current site design, I hope you're planning some form of compensation for our time. Throwing together a quick comment highlighting some areas that need attention is one thing, but I'm not going to do this sort of direct work for a for-profit company without getting paid for it.
and @Duncan , another problem: Why are posts that are literally years old being featured on the Interests pages?
The fact that the timestamps are that horrible light grey makes the age of the posts especially easy to miss.
I don't use any of this. I get your email and click on interesting products. If the drop holds my attention I join it. Simpler is better. Only subscribed to audio & cameras. But, receive lots of emails about socks, knives, locks, cooking, and other things. This is noise and wish it would stop.
Its a mixed bag of stuff man
It'd be great if clicking on an interest takes you straight to the available drops. Instead of having to scroll down and click (in my case) ''see all audiophile products''.
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about the treble. After 100+ more people feedback. no have say too hot/sharp, I think if possible you should test it . This model, we collect most of talk is Bass amazing , mid no bad. treble no sharp but clear. Low distortion, Good transparent sound signature.
Im finding it difficult to make much sense of your comment. Are you asking for a news section?
I liked the old site when there was a dedicated "Discussions" tab at the top of the website. That way I could easily see all the discussion posts (questions, forum, photos, etc.) from the various communities that I was subscribed to. This new "Interests" tab makes everything too itemized and separated.
I wish the layout would revert back to this