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Hide US-only drops (option)

What they don't tell you when they rebranded to Drop, is that the website will be shifting to primarily US-only drops. Since this is not a US-only site with plenty of international users, can we have the option to hide US-only drops, pretty please? All the other websites are scrambling to track user activity. Why? So they can do relevant advertising. Meanwhile, Drop is flooding (international) users with items that are not just irrelevant but cannot even be shipped to those viewing them. Heck, they'll even email you about them - which makes them worse than your typical spam. There's nothing more effective in lowering engagement and driving away users than inundating them with items that are completely irrelevant. If you check my profile, you'll see that I've purchased a fair number of items in the past. Now, I don't even bother checking the drops anymore. Why? Because there's no way I'm gonna waste my time sifting through things that I can't even purchase when there are plenty of other websites that can smartly recommend me items that I can actually buy. I think I get why it's called Drop now. I suppose they want us international users to just drop the site. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: Clarified title to reflect that it should be an option.
raest, Andi Drouet, and 6 others

How about we just get a filter? Little check box on each new item that says 'I'm not interested in this, don't show it to me again'. Dude, i'd so settle for that. It'll never happen but this place would get real in a hurry if they did. I log in to Drop to see what's new. Each and every time, Dropfirst tries to sell me one of its Ferrum Forge knives, right next to the Ray Laconico knife it tries to sell me every time I log in, right next to everything else it's already shown me a bajillion times and on which I have already passed a bajillion times and about which I could honestly give less than a hundredth fraction of a fuck. And I literally have to click through two more screens just to see what's new, because someone in this organization decided that the best thing they can do as a business is just keep cramming old inventory down everyone's throat until they give in and buy it, and they won't start pushing out newer designs until we've bought up all their old ones and they get the return on investment that they envisioned getting. If you don't think it's deliberate, dood, let's just clear that up for you -- it is completely deliberate. It's kinda a corporate sense of entitlement at work, the same thing that makes them say we need to be their QC department for them because they don't check the packages before they mail them....and I think unless they start figuring out that they're here for us, not the other way around, they're going to continue seizing the initiative to head in the wrong direction no matter what people do and say to them in response. And I don't think they're all that responsive to people saying 'this sucks, change it back' because they figure you're still here, aren't you? I don't wanna read too much into my brief experience here but if they think they have an unlimited amount of time to get things right and back on track, well, that's a bad bet to lose. I'll put it like this: if you don't log in for three months, they pay a hell of a lot more attention to that, than any bitchy post (like this one! :) ) that you may care to make. It encourages a lot more change than anything you actually say to them. We live in an age of glib marketing bullshit and captive markets and consumer ignorance -- there's more and more to know, but we aren't learning more and more as we go -- and there are a lot of businesses in the world who are content to see you as empty headed little fools who can be easily parted from their money as a result. If you've ever read the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance you'll get this reference: I'd like to see what this place is really capable of as a true, old school Chautauqua for consumers. (If you haven't, than I just mean this could be a great source of knowledge and learning, mediated by your peers instead of salesmanship, where people learn the sort of things that don't come easy and do so in a way that's relatively free of BS, but it sounds cooler to call the Blades community 'the great knife Chautauqua' so I kinda rolled that way instead.)

And now, with a European distribution center opening, please allow to filter on drops shipping from within Europe.