Sep 14, 201785 views

Why don't Bluetooth Surround Sound Systems exist?

I've been looking for years, but have not been able to find an actual bluetooth/wireless surround sound system. I can find systems that are wireless to the amp, but then have wires running to all the components! Is there a reason that these don't seem to exist? Am I just looking in all the wrong places?

It's here now, you just have to pony-up with your coin... I would believe that the problem has been the latency. Now with the low-latency high bandwidth Bluetooth that is available from Qualcomm we are there, finally; "8 channel WiSA-compliant wireless audio up to 24-bit/96kHz" says Klipsch. What is happening is that data is actually going in "packets", it becomes much more manageable this way. When you talk on your phone this is happening, voice is just data, package it and send it off, fast and lots of it. We can now get high quality sound without the irritating bad lip-sync, explosions that are off-timed and bullets with poor visual sonic wave sound matching, boy does that suck. I have a Klipsch 'home theatre' and after it was setup for a bit,, I had time on my own with it, alone... my wife came home one day and I got; "what did you do while I was gone" I said; "I watched 'Enter the Matrix' experiencing the gun lobby scene the way it was meant to be..." with a big smile on my face. I am sure this is one kick-ass system, with of course all of the subtle detail and nuances, i.e. how did Adele's throat surgery go?
nice! thanks man, I didn't know that the latency was the limiting factor, but it makes sense. I'll look at Klipsch.
omg, it's perfect. it even matches the color scheme of my house.