Headphone-Amp under 200$?

Hey guys. Just wondering what Headphone-Amp you would recommend for me.
Currently I have Beyerdynamic DT-880 Premium 600 Ohm and I also plan on getting Sennheiser HD650 in the future (couldn't get in on the 6XX drop sadly).
Right now my DT-880 is driven by my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 2nd Gen Interface. But I don't have enough headroom to push quiet source-material, so I'm looking for a decent Headphone-Amp below 200$ (or 200€ here in Germany but don't worry about that for now).
First thing that came to mind is the Objective 2 which I can get for 110-150€ here. Someone in a german HiFi-forum recommended the Schiit Vali over the O2. But first of all it's a tube-amp, which I'm not sure if I would want that, and I've heard some bad stuff about Schiit as well.
Another question is: Do you think the Focusrite Interface has a decent enough DAC? I don't know which chip it uses and couldn't find much info online. I thought I might get by with using it as my DAC and then send the Line-Out to the headphone-amp. But I'm also open for spending another few bucks at something like the SDAC, ODAC or Schiit Modi.


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