May 17, 201951 views

Guys, Help I really don't know lots about the mechanical keyboard market , but I would like a keyboard that is 60 or 65% hotswappable but still price conscious.

I have put off buying a keyboard for a while , but I semi-keep up with the community. I realized that the holy pandas were going to drop soon and that I wanted to buy them ,but I had no keyboard for them. Due to the price of the holy pandas themselves I have a small budget around 100-150 left for the keyboard. I'm to scared to attempt to solder the switches so I need it to be hotswappable. It does not even have to come with switches. Please help it would be appreciated.

KBDFans has some hot swappable kits for sale. Massdrop has the ALT.
Take a look at this It appears you are limited to one of the wolf boards or the GMMK. I have heard varying levels of satisfaction with the GMMK, a buddy of mine has a wolf board that he likes but is not in love with. I however cannot comment as I have not used either. I do plan to purchase the Ergodox EZ soon though... Which will be fun for my wallet Wrote up a response hit the post button, had to log in and now I dont see my response. So I hope I don't double post.
Thanks for the suggestion dawg the GMMK looks right for what I need. Really appreciate it.