May 18, 2019

Would rather pay for shipping than..

Would rather pay for shipping, to not have anything what so ever to do with "Smartpost". Would love for an alternative option, when this is your chosen method to ship. Meaning, I don't care if it costs me money. Charge me and allow another option that does not include "smartpost". Worst shipping ever, rather get shipping from China, to speak upon how much I hate "Smartpost". You get wonky shipping, sometimes it will move away from your address, which won't make sense, because it is 2-different companies. Fedex normally does their side of it, very well. But then these "smartpost" packages get dump piled at a USPS location, literally "Dump Piled". Then it requires sorting on USPS end, after they're done with their regular mail. Then USPS does not offer any proper tracking updates, for these packages. Which just adds "Days" to your shipping. When I am more than happy to pay for better shipping.
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