May 18, 201984 views

The PecanPi™ Continues to Amaze!

"...when I used the PecanPi amplified by the Burson Soloist, I was able to experience some of the best and most solid sound that I’ve heard..."
"I continue to be very impressed by Orchard Audio’s products, and Leo has done an outstanding job with the new PecanPi music streamer."



Dont buy this crap call china.
Leo Ayzenshtat, Ayzenshtat, AY, ze zen, ze shtat sounds like zat.
article read, didnt even manage to avoid cable snake oil selling something called Wyr or some such, hilarious, double check your reviews people when westerners want to build their safe voiceboxes so those scary chinese cant hack in from the wifi and make fun of them, you know something is messed up.
Mentioned australian rip off version "burson" , shill detected, checking history NASA, Lockheed Martin, L3 Technologies, Siemens... definitely western shill, multiple fake technology enterprises being supported, not detecting any sophisticated audio technologies....