May 20, 201964 views
I've always been pretty opposed to smart watches but a house guest over the weekend had a Pebble. We started talking about the likes and dislikes of smart watches, and why I like "dumb" watches. Well he left after the weekend with one of my cheapo Citizen Eco-Drive watches and I ended up ordering a Pebble for $50. With a little bit of aftermarket support (Pebble has been defunct for a little while) I know have my own Pipboy and am loving it.
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@nmankey - made it here, I see - he was the inspiration for this along with my house guest as I had seen him post about his own Pipboy somewhere! I've already downloaded a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Skin because LOL, a Pacman one, R2D2 and some others. This thing is fun.
Might be this shot you're referring to! And now, thanks to you, my Pebble is probably not going to leave my wrist for another week xD

Ha.. it is no coincidence that I have three Pebbles... Always loved it.. they still work..
Dude! That's awesome!
Dude, that's a boss move.
Okay we have a pioneer here maybe some guys will come out now and display theirs as for me I’ll stay old school machanical enjoy your watch good luck

I’m a dumb watch guy!