Sep 16, 2017109 views

Purpleheart or Mahogany TH-X00

For an EDM-only fun can, which would be the best upgrade from my original HE-400? which has the cleanest, punchiest, least wooliest bass?

Realize an old post, but if you are looking for something with awesome bass that is very clean and incredibly punchy skip over TH-X00 and go straight to Modhouse Argon Mk3 with ZMF Lambskin pads... .Walks all over my modded Purplehearts in every aspect of bass except for subbass presence... subbass presence is no slouch though. Argons are also around 1/2 the price of Purplehearts. Just need to factor in an amp that can properly drive them if you don't own one already.
I've been wondering this as well, but also including the Ebony. Been looking into them all and people have mixed opinions.
Also curious about this