We're Redesigning the SHIFT Based on Your Feedback

Thank you to everyone who chimed in on the discussion of our SHIFT mechanical keyboard. We've received lots of responses around the design and layout—and we value each and every comment. With your feedback, we’ve decided to make some important changes to the keyboard. The new, more compact SHIFT will have the following changes made to it: 1. We’re removing the second row of keys from the numpad cluster. This allows the function row and the top row of the numpad cluster to be pulled down closer to the alpha cluster. It will also match the distance found on the CTRL and other, similar TKL keyboards. As a side benefit, people with smaller hands can more easily reach the F row. 2. We’re adding an additional 1u (delete) key to the function cluster. As a result of this addition, the F1–F12 keys will be shifted. This change results in a more easily accessible delete key and a more uniform, aesthetically pleasing look. 3. We’re adding three RGB indicator lights for the Caps Lock, Numlock, and Scroll Lock functions. The addition of these lights will create a more uniform LED pattern, which is especially important on boards with larger layouts. In addition, the lighting change is a slight throwback to indicators found on more traditional keyboards with the 1800 layout. We can’t thank you enough for all of your valuable input. This is what Drop is all about! We hope you’re as happy with the changes as we are, and we’ll continue to implement your feedback as best we can on other products, too. We’ll also be extending this launch until June 12th to give everybody a chance to pick one up after the changes. For more context, see the following threads:

Okay so, this article was just featured in today's newsletter, and I read the title with dismay because I just received my Shift two days ago. Imagine my confusion as I read the article...I guess the newsletter content is algorithmically generated?
May 20, 2021
Nordic layout?
May 13, 2021
Sorry to necro this thread, but I'm hoping that you will continue to update the design based on community feedback and there is one thing that I'd like to see change with this board and that would be to do what all the other keyboard manufacturers are doing, and that is to add a volume wheel/dial/roller/knob. Glorious is doing it with their GMMK Pro, Cannon Keys did it with their Satisfaction, Razer updated all of their boards to now offer this feature, and all the rest are following suit, because they all realized that Logitech has been onto something as there are many people (like myself) who used to opt for Logitech boards just for this feature alone. To date, not having a volume wheel is unfortunately a deal breaker for me. Unfortunate, because I really like this board of yours otherwise. 1800 has been my favorite layout, but there aren't many out there. You could reorganize the "End, Home, PgDn, PgUp" and whatever other keys you need and just replace the one key in the top right corner with a wheel or dial, add media keys (or functions) to the 3 keys to its left and you'd have the ultimate 1800 offering in the market. Additionally, making it fully customizable like the Glorious GMMK Pro would also do this board a lot of good. There are no fully customizable 1800 boards out there as of yet. Please be the first. Switch agnostic, straight to PCB (no clipping required), South facing switch positioning, ping dampening layers, pre-lubed stabilizers, etc., would all go a long way in making this, potentially, one of the greatest board ever.
Feb 24, 2021
Pleas ISO Layout options.
Nov 29, 2020
You should put the right control key back as I am probably the only one who uses it, direct per key rgb control is a big thing for me so that would be great
Aug 15, 2021
You can actually reprogram each key to be whatever you want, so you can put the right control key wherever you like on the board.
Oct 2, 2020
Oh my goodness! I CANNOT wait till a high profile version of this keyboard is released
Oct 2, 2020
please add direct software control kinda like icue If possible, through openRGB Not having software control for me is an instant no Other than that, It looks perfect
Jul 16, 2020
So when is this getting made because this legit looks perfect. Numpads are surprisingly underrated in the mech community.
Jun 25, 2020
High profile case maybe in the future?
May 27, 2020
Drop Status..?
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