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Wireless over ear headphone advice.

So I just recently upgraded my phone, that sadly followed the path of Iphone and took out the Audio jack.... so I need to purchase a good set of over ear wireless headphones any advice would be loved!

Thank you both for your advice all these headsets look and spec amazingly shame I can't find a proper audio place to try them all out.
MDR-1000X? Wired option Wireless without NC possible Wired NC possible Normal/voice mode while wired Audio quality does not seem to drop when NC is on
Well, looking only for Aptx HD and the capability to be wired or wireless I found these AT ones. These intrigue me from the simple logic of isolating the chipset from the audio rumble in an aluminum box, to the unique bypassing any DAC, direct digital drive; a bit (pun intended:) unconvential,, and oh the new found horror :€ DDD; takes the typically poor on-board DAC in an SoC out of the equation... now I need to hear one. Distinctly out of the box, but this is the crux of a wireless headphone, the box is carried on your head. Think differently, very differently, the medical folks did, they have a pacemaker they fit inside your heart now... I have held one...
AT cans:
Pure Digital Drive
Pure Digital Drive allows these headphones to operate without using the digital/audio converter found in traditional wireless headphones. It uses Trigence Semiconductor’s Dnote chipset to process wireless digital audio signals, relying on the chipset’s digital pulses to move the voice coil and diaphragm.
True Motion Drivers
The 45mm True Motion Drivers use specially designed diaphragms with DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating and four-core twisted OFC-7N voice coils to reproduce sound. Acoustic resistors control airflow around the diaphragm for balanced sound. The assembly is housed in a layered aluminum chassis to reduce unwanted resonance and isolate the circuitry from the housing’s acoustic space.
Compatible with Qualcomm aptX HD, aptX, AAC, and SBC codecs for wireless transmission with a resolution up to 24-bit/48 kHz.
Hi-Resolution Audio
When connected to a computer or digital playback device with the included 6.6’ audio/charging cable, the headphones can reproduce Hi-Res audio for a more detailed listening experience.
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I had Bose, got stolen on a plane, Sony MDR-NC500D cans now for travel, wired cause no wireless NC then... Bose excels in noise canceling and not too shabby in performance For this use. If I had to quickly, right now, buy NC cans for travel I would get the QC 35's. Tried them extensivly in a Bose mall outlet store.... to the point of annoyance to the sales guy, while waiting for some Chinese customers shopping for bargains, I had tons of time... But your question was the reason (excuse) for me to look because the damn wires on a plane are a pain-in-the-ass, but would want the option to plug in as well for a bit better quality, why not. Will try to find out what Seinheisser puts in for SoC's, Aptx HD is where you want to go.
None of the Sennheiser's have aptx HD that I can see, though I'm sure they are all nice. Here is the link from Qualcomm for headphones that are aptX HD enabled, the AT, Sony NC available and a Beyerdynamic:
The AT's will likely have the best sound, but not noise cancelling, for NC then Sony wins - and also has wired function. I still want to hear the AT direct drive, what is happening:
Note to all who read this stuff: I realize that Noise-Cancelling & Hi-Fidelity are mutually exclusive, if you have ever spent 13 hours on a plane, you will know what the goal is here.
I would look at Sennheiser's selection first, will look into what SoC they have in them and comment. If you want noise cancelling look at Bose and Sony also: