May 27, 2019

Help on connecting speakers to PC

Evening All, I require you expert advise. I am looking at picking up a some Morel SP1's for my Desktop PC, a store in Australia has them for $135 AUD each. However I am not sure what USB DAC/ AMP i would need. I was recommend the Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 100 However for that price and what I will be using I believe the Cambridge Audio Dacmagic is rather over my budget. I do know they require 20 watts of power. If you anyone could help a noob understand what is required or recommend something better. I have looked at the recommend speakers but they are to big for my desk and require a smaller profile. I feel that the price range is rather fair also. Thank you.

wow really no one has any advise?
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KEF tends to make good quality speakers that work in a nearfield application (like at a computer desk). Part of the consideration is how close the speakers will be to any walls. Speakers with rear bass ports placed close to a wall we get boost to certain bass frequencies but can be overbearing. Powered speaker options from Adam, Focal and Genelec are respectable choice. My next nearfield purchase will be the KEF LS50's but on sale they run $999 USD so those are a little out of your budget.
Thank you ElectronicVices, the speakers will be 10 - 15 CM's away from the wall. I will look some small profile KEF speakers.