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The PecanPi™ Streamer is a highly-reviewed ultra-high performance plug and play #streamer. Enjoy all of your digital music from a single device. Reviews: The Audio Beatnik "...when I used the PecanPi amplified by the Burson Soloist, I was able to experience some of the best and most solid sound that I’ve heard..." The Audiophile Man “The PecanPi sits within an attractive price point and at that price it offers plenty: impressive sonic abilities being top of the list. Specifically, an attractive blend of dynamic force, rich imagery and layered detail.”


May I use your DAC board as a stand alone DAC?
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I want to connect the HDMI output from my Oppo Blu-ray player through a HDMI to I2S module.. like this Or maybe it may be worthwhile to wait six months for your solution.
You will be able to connect I2S from that module to the DAC.
how is comparing your product with bluesound node 2i ?
The analog performance will blow the node 2i away.