Soundblaster Processing thru Digital Output on Creative ZxR soundcard?

I'm looking to get a DAC soon, as right now I'm just using the Creative ZxR's headphone out, rerouting that to whichever amp I need using a switch. It works just fine, but the DAC I'll be getting will be a fair bit better than the single TI-Burr Brown in the card. I'd really love to be able to retain the DSP capabilities of the Creative software when using the S/PDIF Optical out to a DAC. (The program from Creative is specifically called SBX Pro Studio, and allows the ZxR to do a variety of things, such as equalization, surround processing, Dolby conversion, etc) I've been scouring the user manuals and specifications for both the software and what was included in the box for my card, but I don't see anywhere that specifies this. Creative's support website isn't quite as eloquently designed as their storefront, and it's kinda difficult to find anything there anyway. When I bought my newest amp, I plugged it in using a male to male RCA cable pair, plugging the amp directly into the sound card's L/R RCA output. This worked just fine when I switched it to output through the L/R instead of Headphone out, but it removed my ability to alter the sound in any way using the software. While that's fine for music, as I don't often EQ it, it's obnoxious when trying to use it for movies or games because the software tweaks enhance the experience quite a bit. Does anyone have experience with this sound card and know the answer (or could test it themselves)? Thanks in advance!

Jul 22, 2019
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May 30, 2019
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