Sep 18, 20171255 views

Shipping to South Africa... ?

Wanting to know if we in South Africa will ever have the opportunity to buy from your site as there are drops here to make one's jaw drop. Please let us know whats cooking. We are very VERY keen this side of the world. If Austria can have it... that why cant we?
mr “mr potato” 00789, DarthVaper13, and 13 others

please do this!
Lets not let this die We need shipping to South Africa
Same here, from Cape Town in SA, just tried to get a drop and couldn't :(
Fingers crossed for South African shipping, let's sign a petition or something...
Also looking for SA delivery...
Deliver to SA now!!! These deals are insane!
Bump. Please do consider shipping to Africa
I concurr. We are missing out on great drops.
Not just South Africa, but Africa as a whole. I'm from Kenya and I'd love to take advantage of these drops too
Affirmative! An upgrade from my old Sennheiser HD201 would definitely be from these guys, given that they plan to make deliveries to Africa, and most importantly, Kenya.