Jun 4, 2019

HD6xx leaking

I thought the voice/music leaking on this headphone is so much (like the volumn is almost the same leaking to outside) But it does not.... Is it weird ? Or it is just normal for leaking a small volumn.. ? Because I saw much of the review said that this headphone is leaking MUCH of the sound ...

Well @moses_lim, the driver is about as open facing the back of the earcup as the driver is towards the wearer’s ear. So, it should radiate sound about equally in all directions. However, these aren't public address speakers designed to throw sound over great distances! Just like the volume from computer speakers drops off at shorter distances than tower speakers, these headphone drivers are designed for even more near-field listening. I had a few long bus rides from Pittsburgh, PA to New York City (about 7 and a half hours of travel) where I had my HD 650, and my seatmates next to me and behind me said it wasn't loud enough to bother them, so I enjoyed them the whole way home. I would always ask to be polite though, and I would expect it to be noticeable to partners sharing a bed with you unless they sleep like the dead (like my wife).
They are open Back Headphones a little leakage at any volume is expexted