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Can Drop please partner with MQA and a R-2R DAC manufacture?

MQA is the future of audio files. It sounds so much better to my tastes than 24-bit FLAC files. Even without a dedicated MQA hardware render. Usingh Tidal Hi-Fi my best friend, who doesn't get my passion for Music, and I agree that the MQA (or as Tidal calls them, Master) files sound clearer, and more natural than the normal FLAC file. However my friend did say that it didn't sound as loud in the MQA file compared to the FLAC. We used my audeze mobius hooked up to my PC via USB, on the default sound setting and using 2 channel Hi-res as the mode.
My Request:
I would like a balanced R-2R DAC with MQA support. I know it would cost a fair bit more than the Airist Audio R-2R DAC. I could see the price being $500 to $550 as reasonable if possible. It would be $50 to $100 cheaper than a Schiit Bifrost Multibit, which from my understanding is a similar technology to R-2R DACs. Though it would have more features being much more of a value proposition.

I'm really not sure of other's experience, but since I've bought my Matrix X-Sabre Pro MQA, I can honestly tell you that MQA sounds like a** vs the regular PCM stuff. Luckily, the MQA version of the X-Sabre Pro does come with the latest XMOS XU216 USB and an updated coax/SPDIF, so some of the increased cost goes towards the hardware (I can tell you firsthand the USB implementation is awesome).
you must like your music loud then, go to mp3
The loudness/compression wars make me sad. You don't have to use MP3 to know this; it's down even to mastering. Using a FLAC format makes no difference.
Keep sending them money, and the mqa folks will keep telling you how great the music sounds, of coins falling in their coffers. Another shill scheme mqa is... DSD is a gift from Sony,, take it native, not dop.
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Sorry, by doing the same, I meant vinyl direct to DSD. I have a Technics SL-1200 that I will be using with the KorgMr-2000S, it is a recorder,, that can also operate as a player/DAC, but not really in a ‘consumer friendly manner’. The Korg DS-DAC-10 is a more consumer oriented DAC/recorder, though you must know that you are beholden to the Korg Audiogate software environment. This is calved off of their studio apps, so excellent math is done here, just a bit clunky in user interface. The NU board done in collaboration with Audio Note is perhaps the best choice for an internal pc dac. Put a MUSES02 in the headphone out, from a distributor, too many fakes. The Elex; get one if you can. Amps; I think having both an SET tube amp,,, and a solid state, is preferred. Which dac/amp; budget, goals?
The EVGA NU board will suffice as a dac then? Cool. I may look into getting an Massdrop X alex cavali hybrid tube, and the solid state one, if possible the MASSDROP X EDDIE CURRENT ZDT JR. looks like a decent tube amp as well.
MQA lol... possibly the most ridiculous initiative this decade.
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still no proof, still just making declaratory statements, but of course, you’re “done with the discussion long ago”. Yet you’re back again repeating the same nonsense yet again. Let’s see, let me try being a beast like you for a day: I can see ultraviolet light, gamma rays, X-rays, I can hear from 5Hz to 500kHz, I can taste things in the air to around one part per billion.. Man this is great, I choose to now illuminate my room with wonderful gamma lighting, you really should give yourself a chance and try it yourself.
okay. There is a difference between seeing individual rays of light. And having clearer And more separation of the sound in music. It doesn’t do anything beyond that. Nice try though
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It is pretty hard to make a case to include MQA in an audio product. Tidal has too few subscribers in the hi-fi tier. The back end to Onkyo Music, 7digital may be out of business by the end of the month. And all Napster with their Powered by Napter platform brought to Realnetworks was debt. And MQA licensee Deezer hasn't bothered with a hi-res tier yet. How are you going to listen to MQA next year?
Well that sucks. MQA was an amazing in sound quality. Which means i have to go with dsd. Does anyone know of a a PC software that functions like Fiio’s M11 All-To-DSD feature, where in real time convert the playback into DSD. I was reading a review on the m11 and this was what it said about it. “Basically, any sound processed by M11, be it a video file, an audio file or a game will be converted to DSD. With it enabled everything will sound smoother, more natural and very easy-going without touching the transient response.”
Scrap that question. I found out a foobar can do that
I also would like this with balanced outs and ethernet transfer too... with roon endpoint and MQA capability. AND make it happen for $2-350. It would take over the world... I could give up on the r2r part if I had too to get the price lower.
balanced outs, ethernet for use with streaming services, MQA support, however I’m not sure I want to drop the R-2R part. If Schiit were to add an optional MQA support to their yggdrasil I don’t care what the price is i would buy it over a dealta sigma dac guaranteed.
Sorry the Schitt guys were founding members of "The We Oppose MQA" fraternity." I started a membership drive January 2, 2017. That thread has more views than the MQA site itself.