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Introducing the Drop Bounty Box

Hello everyone, The Massdrop Mystery Box was a great success, and based on popular demand we’re bringing it back. Introducing, the Drop Bounty Box. The Drop Bounty Box is a curated collection of high-end products from our Audiophile, Outdoors, EDC, and Tech/Gaming communities—from well-reviewed IEMs and powerful headlamps to proven folding knives, top-notch gaming mouses, Drop-exclusive headphones, and more. Each box is filled with a thoughtful assortment of quality products that have been previously featured on our site. No matter what box you choose, you’ll get a collection of items worth more than what you paid. To make things even more interesting, some boxes will feature special Rare and Epic items, detailed below.
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What’s in the Bounty Box? There are two tiers of boxes: a $100 Silver Bounty Box and a $250 Gold Bounty Box. Both boxes will have at least one product from each of the four categories: Audiophile, Outdoors, EDC, and Tech/Gaming. If you choose a $100 Silver Bounty Box, you’ll get three Common items and one Uncommon item. One in 10 Silver boxes will have one of the items upgraded to a Rare item, and one in 100 Silver boxes will have an item upgraded to an Epic item. Moving up to the $250 Gold Bounty Box will land you two Common items, two Uncommon items, and one Rare item. One in four Gold boxes will have one of the items upgraded to a second Rare item, and one in 40 Gold boxes will have one of the items upgraded to an Epic item. If you want to see spoilers (it’s more fun if you don’t), a complete list of the products and their rarities are detailed here.   Want the Ultimate Bounty Box? If you really want to go all in, we’re offering the enormous $5000 Drop Ultimate Bounty Box. Shipped to your door in a hefty wooden crate that’s nailed shut to protect the goods inside, it’s filled with premium, personalized enthusiast-level products specific to your unique interests. Products will be selected from the overall product list, but will also include special items you can’t find in Silver or Gold Bounty Boxes. Each product will be individually gift wrapped—so you can make a party out of it if you want to join in with friends. To crack it open, we’ll include a crowbar to make the unboxing experience one to remember. FAQ’s

What are the differences between this and the Massdrop Mega Mystery Box? The Massdrop Mega Mystery Box contained a random assortment of products from our inventory. The Drop Bounty Box is comprised of different products that we have carefully curated and sourced based on things that we know you will love. Do people selecting the curation option affect the item pool of everyone else? We have selected products that we are able to source in large quantities. Many people selecting a specific category will not lower the chances of others getting similar products (i.e., if many people select the Audiophile curation option, it doesn’t mean that others will be stuck with non-Audiophile products). Will selecting the curation option affect my chances of getting Rare or Epic items? No, whether you get an extra Rare or an Epic item in your box is determined first, completely independently of whether you have curated your box or not. Can I get duplicate items in my Bounty Box? Every individual box will have unique items in it.  However, you may receive similar products (e.g., two different headphones). Can I pick the items in my Bounty Box? No, but the vast majority of the items are available for individual purchase on Drop.com. So if there’s something you really want, you can buy it! What if my product arrives damaged? Contact customer service and they will help you through the applicable return or warranty process. Are the products within a specific rarity-class equally distributed? No, some Commons are more likely than other Commons, etc. This depends on curation options and product availability.
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You realize this is gambling right? Do I need to forward this to the FBI or what?
Any chance you're going to make a version available to Canadian customers, too? That'd be nice.
Lol when I looked at the audiophile list. Like I already own half the decent stuff on there. And I'll be straight up with you, I don't give a rats ass about the other brick-a-brack in there; it's all high priced gimmickry. I think this offer is like a cheap Christmas gifts option where you can parcel out random 'unique' items.
Agreed. This is literally the equivalent of loot boxes in video games.
I absolutely hate loot boxes, but this one isn't so bad. It looks like it contains fairly useful items across all the tiers. What they need to do is release how likely you are to receive one item over all of the others. For instance, if they have 1000 of 1 item and 100 of the rest, we need to know about it since that will significantly change the value of these boxes. Apart from that, it seems alright. Something they should possibly do, is have specific type boxes at an increased premium that would guarantee their `top quality` guaranteed item to be in the category they prefer. For instance, Audiophile Gold $275 would specifically include a rare item from the audiophile section with a chance to become an Epic audiophile item. The rest of the items can be from the other categories. This would definitely entice more people to purchase the boxes because not everyone may be interested in all of the categories and you'd be hard pressed to see someone spend multiple hundred for a random audiophile/gaming product when they have a decent chance to end up with an expensive knife they have 0 care about.
Here's the list (I'll get the link updated on the post too) https://docs.drop.com/Bounty_Box_List.pdf

"a complete list of the products and their rarities are detailed here." Where is here?
(sarcastically) I just LOVE how the only upgrades for the Outdoors section are just knives. ooooh, I get knives in all sections...why not compasses, and other outdoor/survival gear, jerry cans for storage, etc.?
Basically you end up getting a bunch of knives, and then you wonder why you're starring on the PoliceActivity channel on Youtube 3 months later.
You're missing the link to the list of possible items.
Go to the product page...Only available to US customers. Seems like a pretty big oversight not to include that info on this page.
I don’t understand the pushback at all - folks can simply opt out or just buy individual items. It’s not like video game loot boxes where legendary gear is required to make you more competitive.
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Ever heard of EA? Almost every FIFA game in recent history is pay-to-win, and the best players can only be won by chance with FIFA’s version of a loot box. Then there’s EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2; we all know how that turned out. This isn’t the same. You don’t “need” to buy this box to give you some “competitive advantage” in real life. It’s just a box of stuff and you can still buy the items in these boxes separately.
It's obvious you don't play video games then.
It's not obligatory to buy these.
Fuck this site and fuck these real life loot boxes. You turned this site from something enthusiasts could enjoy together into something that exploits them.
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For real. Massdrop has destroyed this site. Been a member for 4+ years and I don't see myself ever making a purchase here again.
This wasn't Amazons doing. This site is destroying itself with greed and bad management.
Unironically, how do I delete my account. I want no part of this shit.
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But not you — you’re lucky, Luke ;)
Lucky, and work overtime and weekends so I can buy what I want directly haha