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How about a community for "Shipping"

It would be great to centralize all our issues in regard to shipping. I estimate that over 90% of all of the "Discussion" sections is traffic about Shipping.
There could be somewhere for folks who post such things as "I just purchased my very last product on Massdrop because MD uses blah blah shipping, which is the blah blah blah!" " I'm not kidding, I am not buying anything else on MD! I'm serious! " Then the individual could continue to be a vital member of the MD community even though they are never going to use it again. They can continue adding their lively and keen arguments about shipping by just visiting the shipping community. This way no one can ever say such things as "I thought you were never going to make a purchase on MD, why remain here?" Aha!!! " Because I know a thing or two about shipping, that's why!
I am certain there are individuals who must tire of having to post every time they see a product they like "Will you consider shipping blah blah to my fine country of Blah Dee Blah Blah?" And then "why not, Blah Blah will!" And then "This is very upsetting to me, I have negative angry feelings towards MD." Well, with this proposed community there could just a whole discussion about shipping to their fine country of "Blah Dee Blah Blah".
People could champion their favorite shipping company, and blast away at their least favorite. If you have noticed some folks here display the same level of passion about this as I see in the NFL (football).
Ive made my case. What do you all think?
Tuukka and Sxd123

Shipping sucks. You have said it all. Bent boxes. bubble bags. I mean why can’t they learn from amazon?
I think you will find more exchanges about where else you can get the same item cheaper, and then more about how that wasn't the right item, and more about why MD won't ship said item to anywhere but North America, and then shipping.
It's not like MD isn't aware that their poor performance in logistics is a sore spot for its customers, but how would a dedicated forum improve their performance? Why would your fellow customers want to visit such a depressing place? This will just give some MD intern a miserable job.
What I see now is that MD has become our last resort to purchase the item, after other retail options have been exhausted. I am sure that they are aware of this and understand that if they can improve their logistics, they will get back a lot of those sales. Right, MD?