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New to being an Audiophile! Are these good choices for Headphones and DACs and is there anything I should know?

My entire life I’ve appreciated higher sound quality and I’ve always thought that the cream of the crop was Bose (unless you spend thousands of dollars).

Overtime I’ve realize this is (obviously) not true and have a decent budget in order to get DACs and Headphones. 

Are these good choices and is there anything I should know! Please help a new member out :)

For my DAC I have up to $100:



For the headphones itself I have up to $300:




im super satisfied with my fostex x00 ebony, they cost more but their worth it.
i dont need more than that, its on another level than the sennheisers, it makes sense to eq them because the 1 tesla flux density gives you the playroom for that.
i use it on my pc with the evga nu audio soundcard, optical in/out with an pioneer ae40 fullamp
The more money you spent, usually the better the sound quality
Kind of true, but can lead to fallacy. There is such thing where two pieces of gear are actually sidegrades instead of upgrades. Most of the time people chase something different, and that's actually okay as long as you recognize that you're not looking for a direct upgrade. Also, there's legitimately sh**ty gear that also costs a ton.
Give me a few example legitimate shitty gear that cost a fortune ? Is Chord Dave and Woo Audio is one example ?
+1 on the post from @ElectronicVices ; that link is to *just* a headphone amp (which you will need in order to properly drive those 6XX's); but you'll also need a DAC upstream of your AMP, like you see shown in the last picture for that product (stacked below the amp). Something that can take in a digital file (MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc) and output an analog signal that can go into the amp you linked via RCA Left-Right cables. There's nothing on that amp that you can hook up a digital "source" to (Laptop, Phone, CD Player, Streaming media player, etc). As the other poster indicated, they also sell DAC/AMP combo units that has both the DAC and the amp built into the same chasis. That'll work too. I use a combo-unit Schiit Jotunheim DAC/AMP unit, myself, with my HD-6XX's, fwiw. The 6XX will get better and better with a better and better amplifier paired with it. This is, IMO a good starting point (as long as you get either the O2 DAC to go with it or the combo dac/amp). Another one to look at would be a Schiit Modi and Magni "stack" of DAC and amp. That would probably be price-competitive with what you're looking at now.
Those are both reasonable entries into the world of headphones. To clarify that link is for the headphone amp only version of the Objective 2. Here is the link for the one that also includes a DAC. https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-o2-sdac-dac-amp There is an EU version of that drop but it is not currently active if you reside in that region. Those are both very popular and will give you a baseline system to determine if you want something different. Many people own a version of that amp and headphone so you will find more comparisons to new gear and those items.