Jun 25, 2019

Integrated stereo amplifier THX 789 chassis anyone?

Speaker amp to fit the stack: Airist/THX 789/Cavalli Tube.
rastus, Evshrug, and 1 other

Doesn't meet my needs but I could see that doing fairly well here for people looking to dip their toe into passive speakers. To fit in that form factor class D or T would be the only real options and it's difficult to pull off "audiophile" grade versions of those at a reasonable price. Monoblock class D using the B&O ICE modules would be nice but then Drop would have to compete with Emotiva's PA-1
So, kinda like a PS Audio Sprout, with a THX designed speaker amp? Hmm!
Would love for them to make a Drop collab in the same vein as the Benchmark AHB2 but I doubt that is gonna happen.