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DAC/AMP setup for passive speakers

I recently got a pair of Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 speakers from a friend and I'm new to the world of audio and was looking into either separate or a combo DAC/AMP combination to pair with them. Like I said I'm new to the world of audio so I'm kind of lost when it comes to the idea of passive speakers and then having to have everything else to bring to the fore. My budget is decent but not immense. I'm probably looking in the realm of 500 USD or so with either both DAC/AMP or the combo thereof. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jul 3, 2019
Denon just came out with a DRA-800h in black or silver, its a stereo receiver with hdmi connectivity (hdcp 2.3), even has network streaming. Very very nice for $499 usd
Jun 29, 2019
Do you plan to add headphones in the future, or move beyond stereo speakers?The speakers you mentioned are generally used as satellite speakers as part of a larger system, and don't require much power at all. Something like the $150 Micca OriGain (currently $99 on Amazon) would be more than enough, and a solid integrated choice. Then if you decided to move to a surround system in the future you're not out much. The $400-$500 Surround Receiver segment is probably the most crowded, if you can stretch your budget to $550, the Yamaha RX-V685 is what i would go with.
Jun 29, 2019
It just depends on your priorities, the OriGain would let you save some cash to buy better gear down the road. I don't have much experience or knowledge about passive monitors and where the value lies. You could just straight into a surround reciever, it can operate in stereo mode just fine.
Agree with @Keth 's budget recommendation, you could also look at the Emotiva A100 at $249 if you think you will want to get into planar headphones and more power hungry speakers. A used HK 3490 is also a good budget option for stereo receiver. Use a 3390 (all analog) in the bedroom and it handled pre-amp duty when I had a separate stereo outside of my home theater.
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