Jul 2, 201986 views

T60RP Argon Mod

I've been listening to these for about 15 minutes, with a flat EQ. I mention the EQ because I had to double check, these are the first headphones I've heard that don't have me reaching for Peace APO to make adjustments. On my 2018 LCD2's, I upped the bass for more impact, on the Elex I tamed the treble a bit, on the Night Hawks I did too many things to mention. The bass has impact, the width is amazing, and they're far more balanced than what I was expecting, though Ryan at Modhouse did say the T60 version didn't have recessed treble. These have me seriously considering selling my Elex, 58X, and Nighthawks. Now I don't have the regular Argon's to compare these to, so I can't tell you if they're worth the $100 premium over a pair of balanced Argon Mk3's. I can tell you that they compare very well to other headphones in the $400-$500 range that I've heard, and as someone who likes a darker bassy headphone I prefer them to the Elex in every way. And arguably the most important aspect, is that they look amazing and smell of rich African mahogany. Oh, and they're power hungry nature wasn't exaggerated either. Single ended my THX 789 is at 12 O'clock (gain stage 3) on quieter tracks.


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