"New" Lyrics Discovered?

One of the joys of my journey into high quality audio has been the ability to hear lyrics so much more clearly. As a result, I've had quite a few occasions where I have been listening to tracks and, after many years thinking they said one thing, discovered that they were actually quite different.
There are some relatively notorious misheard lyrics out there. One of several infamous Hendrix examples:
All Along the Watchtower - "Businessmen, they drink my wine, Plowmen dig my earth" often heard as "Businessman there, drink my wine, come and take my herb" (Hey, it's Hendrix, I totally get the assumption here)
I was listening to a playlist today that had the Kinks "Come Dancing" in it. I've always heard this line - "The day they knocked down the pally, part of my childhood died, just died" as "the day they knocked down the pally, one of her children died, just died". I laughed because In the context of the song, the misheard lyrics kind of, sort of, make sense, but are really harsh, given the melancholy but playful tone of the song.
I've had this experience regularly over the past couple years as I've gotten better gear. Aside from the fun of realizing I've heard something completely wrong for years, it's a great example of the difference good gear can make. I'm curious if others have shared this experience and what some of your favorite examples are.

Oct 2, 2017
I've always been the kind who is a big enough nerd to go look up lyrics to make sure I know what they are saying, but I've got a bit of a different pass time that is definitely related.
I like looking for the "ear candy" that the recording/mastering folks add to (seemingly) every track these days. I love to take an album that I have listened to and enjoyed on lower quality rigs than what I use presently and go through and see how much of it is there.
I'll have to see if I can find an example on youtube or something so I can show you what I mean. I'm not sure I can highlight any examples easily though. I don't know what to call most of the effects they put in there and don't do a decent job of describing them. Except for reverse cymbals, I guess, but those are pretty obvious.
Oct 5, 2017
I suppose I should add the qualifier that they're mostly in rock tracks. Most other genres are all electronic or so purely instrumental that the added synths would be a detriment.
Here's a quick example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBRAnuT48qo
In each of the first 2 verses there is some subtle synth in the background that builds up peaking at the beginning of the refrain. During the bridge (starting 1:07) there's a similar sound that builds and falls with the music throughout leading up to the break (cheerleaders) at around 1:30. I won't go into everything that's in there. They get a bit more obvious from that point, and repeat some of the things I've already indicated.
That trick with the subtle build up to the chorus is pretty common actually. I wish I knew a name for it.
Oct 6, 2017
Dude, that's really cool that you posted that! My listening skills may not be at the level where I can single out sounds well enough. I sense a qualitative difference in the sound at the points you mention, but I can't say that I can put my finger on why. I'm going to give it some more listens and see if I can train my ears a bit. Cool song, by the way. Outside my typical genres, but I like songs that incorporate unique sounds (like the cheerleaders in this case) that you wouldn't normally associate with the genre. Thanks man, I appreciate it!