Jul 11, 2019

Best Preamp for Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC

I recently got a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC turntable with platter upgrade on the way. However, it needs a preamp and I'm looking for recommendations. I currently have the darkvoice and THX amps and the 400i and 6XX headphones so I'm looking for something that will fit well in the chain (won't be the weakest link or an overbuy) with a focus on bang for buck (items hard to beat within their price bracket). Suggestions I've gotten so far: Musical Fidelity: V90-LPS Vincent Audio PHO-8  Pro-Ject phono Box S2

Bang for buck.. - Schiit Mani!
@ElectronicVices you've given me some good recommendations before (thanks for that); any thoughts?
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I've had it for the past half week and am very happy about it. I can tell some records have better recording quality than others, but I've got some that sound fantastic. I'm hearing new parts of the songs and the overall scope of the songs is much bigger. Like front row an orchestra compared to hearing it from the lobby. If it's only supposed to get better then I'm in for a sweet ride! Thanks for the rec!
Glad to hear I didn't lead you astray, enjoy the new gear!