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Panchenko & Hawk Knives Orbit

Midtech fom Serge Panchenko and Hawk Designs
"The Orbit is our newest addition to our Midtech Line! The Orbit is a collaboration between Serge Panchenko & G&G Hawk. It incorporates the Hawk Lock and a newly designed detent. We debuted this design at Blade Show 2017 and couldn’t be happier with how well received it was! "
I think it looks pretty great. The Hawk Lock looks incredible, want to mess with one. Any thoughts?
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When are these knives coming to Massdrop?
They never will be on drop, Serge has made it clear he’s never going to make these a production line knife. And for anyone curious, they’re $500.
Would these be a possible drop here on massdrop?
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"I'm not sure how things stand after the Perpetua collaboration made by Millit." Go on....
The Perpetua drop was delayed for months. First delay was the Nitro-V was delayed in shipment, understandable. But then more delays, with no good explanation as to why (one of them is probably due to Millit deciding that instead of sending the blades out for lasering like originally intended, they bought a lasering machine to use in house which took time to set up and figure out). When the knives finally did make it out, some people felt the QC was lacking. Some were tightened down so that you had to put a bunch of wrist into it to get it to move like a Benchmade axis-lock (which may or may not have been by design, it is supposed to be a user knife). Mine came with a discoloration spot on the blade out of the box, and I've seen at least one other picture of the same thing (disconcerting because Nitro-V is supposed to be super stain resistant). On top of that the clip was pretty bad. Millit developed a fix that they showed off on their Instagram, a titanium pocket clip. Not for sale because they needed clearance from Massdrop to sell them. Since then they haven't showed up for sale by Millit (that I've seen) and they haven't show up for sale here on the site either (granted that could be because Massdrop doesn't want to look bad by having to sell you a fix). This is all speculation. I'd like to point out that Massdrop has had a few other drops featuring Millit as the OEM. After my original comment I found out that they did a run of the Serge Coinclaws (made by Millit!), so maybe it's not quite as farfetched as I thought. I'd still be very surprised to see an Orbit drop though.
One of the best knives out there. Don't hesitate to get one

Please tell me massdrop will bring this to an affordable price point!
It is very similar in form, function, and design to the Spydie Roc Cleaver, which I already own. I paid about $150 for it. I can't imagine this is less than $299- $350 since it's handle is quite a bit fancier.
Figure $475-$500
I would sell multiple knives to have one of these in my collection
I have two of these, and they are worth every penney.
Would you mind me asking how much you paid for them? I’d love to get one myself.
We could just grind off that extra nose bit and have a very functional blade. How does that Hawk Lock work? Steel type?
I think it’s weird looking. Not functional, bad ergonomics and to large for my pocket.
It’s a small knife. Ergos are fine, and it will fit into any pocket.
Love it! Definitely count me in
Yes! Mark me down
100% i will order it!
Yes I would
Yes please!
I’d definitely be down
Anything that comes from sarge and g&g hawk has the potential to be a classic. I would love to see it here
Sign me up for one of each
I would like to see Massdrop offer them. It seems like there is sufficient interest.
Yes pretty please?
I'd be in for one too. 
SIgn me up for 3 of these — 2 for me, one for a friend!
I need one of these
Dopeness! Love G&Ghawk designs and if the overall weight is med-low, all the sweeter. Hope the light bladed one features stonewash instead of bead blast. ;)
That looks suspiciously like the Devish Sheba fixed blade.
Only 1/5th the size and a folder.
1/5 the size ? So it has a .75” blade... ok.