Jul 16, 2019

Is anyone in our community wanting a Urushi fountain pen or a Maki-e fountain pen? Are there any Maki-e pens that are affordable for the workers of the world? I have found the Wancher site and ordered a True Urushi. I am waiting for it to ship as I write this.


Missed the Wancher but I'm definitely interested.
Wancher also has True Ebonite fountain pens and those are affordable. At the moment, there is Silk Black and a Matte Black fountain pen. They offer red or black feed or a plastic feed. The spring loaded cap is a very nice touch as well. Perhaps we could start there with a Drop.
I think there's no lack of "wanting" Urushi fountain pens in our community. Joining an Urushi drop, not to mention an Urushi drop happening is another matter. The Urushi pens by Wancher are exquisite and as close to affordable as they come. Enjoy yours.