Drop + Terzuola ATCF Tanto Folding Knife
Jul 17, 20191851 views

The Classic Shape that Shaped an Industry

Hey everyone, We’re proud of every design we launch and grateful to the partners who make them possible. However, in the case of the ATCF, I felt a great sense of personal responsibility to Mr. Terzuola because of the significance of the design and its place in the history of the cutlery industry. Bob’s design gave way to a whole new category of folding knife - the “tactical folder” - that now dominates the folding knife market. That’s why the ATCF (Advanced Technology Combat Folder) is known as “the classic shape that shaped an industry.” With a storied history and field-tested design, there wasn’t a lot we needed or even wanted to change. The biggest difference between the original handmade knife and our production version is the blade profile - the original is a drop point, and this knife has a tanto blade. This project actually didn’t start with asking Bob if we could make the ATCF, it started when we asked if Bob would design a knife with a tanto blade because we know a lot of community members like that blade style and also that Bob’s tanto grinds are popular with those who collect his knives and put them to hard use. It was actually Bob himself who suggested that we put a tanto blade on his legendary design. I was floored that Bob was entrusting us with his iconic design, and I knew that we had to knock it out of the park. We started from original specs, and aside from blade profile the only other big changes we made were both related to construction style; thanks to WE Knife’s precision CNC machining, we were able to make the lanyard anchor into a recessed pin instead of a hole through the handle scales and liners, and also to make the stop pin stationary in the frame instead of mounted in the blade. After two rounds of prototyping, we got it all dialed in. Bob is pleased with the final version and we hope that you like it as well. Carry On — Jonas Heineman Collaborations Team, Blades
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You guys did a great job with the compact folder from the legendary Bob Terzuola, I’m sure this one will be even better. Count me in!