My Favorite Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are some of my favorite types of knives. They are so unique in terms of designs, versatility, functionality, brands, etc. Each pocket knife is good for certain situations based on their blade type, size, accessories, and materials. I tend to carry cheap pocket knives with me on my hunting and camping trips, as i'm not as afraid to lose them relative to my damascus steel blades. Here are my favorite pocket knives. You can get any of these at

This first knife is an 8.25" Elk Ridge spring assisted pocket knife. This knife screams heavy duty, and is the best portable hunting knife. I personally use this knife all the time when cleaning and skinning deer. The single edged stainless steel blade is pretty sharp for an elk ridge knife, and is great for making clean and accurate cuts. The simulated bone handle feels pretty good as well, and provides a rather comfortable grip. The great thing about the simulated bone handle is, after several years of using this knife, it hasn't started deteriorating unlike pure bone handles. I personally love this pocket knife as I have been using it for years and it hasn't let me down yet.
This Tac Force speedster pocket knife isn't as functional and durable as the Elk Ridge pocket knife, but it's still a fun knife to carry around nonetheless. The blade is surprisingly sharp, and the partial serrations allows me to easily perform push and pull cuts. I like to gift this knife to EMT individuals, as the knife's design calls for it. It's comforting to know that if i'm ever stuck in a car, or I find someone who is, I can use the glass breaker or seat belt cutter, built into the handle, to get myself or the other individual out. The LED flashlight is a nice bonus too, although it doesn't have too long of a battery life, so I wouldn't recommend keeping it on all the time. However, the good thing is, the light comes with four batteries which is pretty nice.


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