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Hi-Fi Stereo gear?

Hope to see hi-fi stereo stuff on Drop at some point. I think there is a lot of people in here that would be interested into hi-fi beyond headphones and headphone amps/dacs.

Eugene Wang, Baxter Slaughter, and 16 others

Let’s see some quality speakers and amps.
Totally agree with this idea. Let's face it, headphones can only take you so far; having 2 small sound producing boxes next to your ear can never be the same as having a Hifi system with speakers playing into open air (if you watch a band playing live, how does the sound get to your ears???) Another aspect is the digital vs vinyl experience, so turntables definitely need to be in the mix. I recently bought a kick ass integrated stereo amp and speakers, and I'll be adding a high end turntable soon (have already started my vinyl collection; Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dylan, AC/DC ).

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Thanks. I bought the turn table this week; just waiting for it to arrive. It's a Dual 505-4.
Wow, neat. Congrats!
I’m in definite agreement here. It would draw in a lot of interest.
I spy a little APPJ amp there; did you upgrade the caps?
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I need special screwdriver to open this, maybe a torx?
Allen wrench for mine.
Maybe they could at least do components like dac and amps for stereo stuff where the size of the items are less of an issue.
Also phono stages, many are small, turntable accessories, cartridges, nice looking cables, limited edition records and so forth.
No denying there is interest but they would need an existing manufacturer to partner with or greatly limit their offering scope. Typically Drop is shipping low weight items themselves and shipping direct from manufacturer on the heavier weight stuff (exceptions are present). Source components and class-d amps are where I see the most potential as they don't present as much difficulty in shipping to customers. The lack of a "no questions asked" return is also a hallmark of ID electronics companies as people want that peace of mind for gear they can't test out themselves.
I didn't think about the weight issue. That was very informative, thank you!