Must Buy if you are in the need for comfy-fitting IEMs.

The F300 uses a lower saturation color to highlight the freshness and style. However, Sony's low-saturation color is used in the higher-end H.ear series, and the F300 directly uses this higher-grade color. On entry-level headphones.
  Tone: The middle and high frequency are more sharp, the resolution is better, the female voice is better, the transparency is more balanced, and the thickness is also stronger (depending on the player).  
Sound quality: Compared with the humming sound R8, the F300's vocals are more powerful, the air is more plentiful, and the dynamics are somewhat improved. The enhanced high-frequency analysis makes the space sense release, the low-frequency sense is good, and the control is good, without excessive signs of rendering. The R8 is slightly softer overall, and the F300 is relatively tough overall. Sound field size, F300 is slightly better than R8.   Compared with FINAL E1000, the sensitivity is relatively higher and it is easier to sound. Vocal performance, F300 is better, the mouth shape is clearer, the background is darker, the sound field is different, but in the horizontal direction, F300 is better than FINAL E1000, and the medium and high frequency dynamics are better than E1000, very high. The frequency line feels a little thicker, and the E1000 is more precise and subtle. The brightness, momentum, clarity, and density of the sound, the ear tells me that the F300 is stronger than the E1000. However, the E1000 has a slightly warmer warm tone, but it has better hearing tolerance. (The above sense of hearing is based on VAIO laptop



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