Oct 7, 2017

Folding knife with convenient features


I picked one of these up from a hobby shop today for $13. It's on amazon there for about $8. The brand seems unimportant as I've seen at least 3, but the actual knife seems alright. Made in china but not wobbly or rickety anywhere, very solid. The back has a bottle opener, carry clip, and glass breaker and there's a thumb assist open on the ridge. The blade is quite thick. I can't comment on the metal it's made of since thats not in my expertise but it feels solid. I'd prefer it without the Police logo since IMO that looks a little gaudy. Overall though, nice piece for $8. Amazon reviews seem to agree. Might wanna check it out if you want a cheap knife.

Will not pay anything more than 2 dollars for that knife... The spring inside will fail in about a mouth or a week if use often. The blade need to be sharpen every day if you use it even just open boxes. Very doubt that it has no blade play.. I am skeptic about the purpose of this post.
Well honestly all I can say is you're wrong on all points. It's been working fine. Been flicking the knife open constantly and still flicks open. Sharpened the knife once and it still cuts me. shrug emoji.