K65 RGB with MX Brown/Blue: White Whale or Massdrop Exclusive?
TKL popularity is booming. Everywhere I look are articles on the ergonomic benefits and it seems every manufacturer is maximizing options in this category.
Then there's Corsair. Their TKL K65 RGB is an excellent board, featuring their typical high build quality. An aluminum chassis with floating key design and great media controls. Free software makes fully utilizing the RGB lighting a breeze.
But Corsair has repeatedly stated they believe only the Cherry MX Red switch (or very similar) is needed for this segment. On their forums, by petition, and by email... their response is the same. "We'll put a word up the line, but we don't see it as a real demand." They simply do not believe anyone wants TKL design and tactile switches... I have no idea where they got this impression.
The thing is Corsair DID produce a K65 RGB with Brown/Blue switches, but only as a small batch, and only in Germany.
This seems like a dream project that could be a HUGE get for Massdrop. Imagine how many new users would sign up for a "Corsair K65 RGB with Cherry MX Brown/Blue switches... a Massdrop exclusive!"
I'm no business executive... but this seems win win. Massdrop gets the aforementioned benefits. Corsair gets to do real market research with no risk since the units are paid for in advance.
Who do we talk to about making this happen?
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Oct 30, 2018
Please make this happen... I just want a K65 with blue switches... Please....
Oct 30, 2018
Jul 20, 2016
Well alot of people already own corsiar keyboards. and a large amount of the massdrop is the keyboard enthusiast that probably dont want to buy a gaming keyboard regardless if it has mx brown or blue switches
Jul 20, 2016
Jul 20, 2016
In my experience, when companies say something like "we don't believe the market exists for..." and similar, that's frequently dronespeak indicating that the company doesn't believe the product fits their business for some reason. It cannibalizes a different product they're heavily invested in, they would need a big capex expenditure to make it happen and don't have the money/don't like the risk/don't want the tax hit, they don't feel strategically well-placed to compete, etc.
Think of it as the corporate version of projection.
Or maybe they really honestly don't believe it. But generally, there's a dependent clause the spokesmuppet is not saying out loud - "... to make it worth our while". So while the company is trying to find a bland way to explain their cost benefit analysis without getting in to details, the customers hears something that sounds like nonsense to them. I've watched this happen at places I've worked, and seen it happen elsewhere.
Jul 20, 2016
Jul 15, 2016
Tbh, why are you trying so hard for a non-standard keyboard that doesn't have much options when it comes to bottom row replacement keycaps?
I am not trolling here, and I for one am a Corsair keyboard fan (owned the k65,70 both non-rgb.) as well. The fact that Corsair stubbornly kept the non-standard layout doesn't makes any difference even if they gave you rare switches like cherry mx green switches.
Jul 15, 2016