Tactile replacement for Kailh Pro Burgundy?

Hey peeps, I've been only using linear switches in my keyboards throughout the years and I wanted to try some tactile ones finally, as I intend to swap my RK RG987's switches. My current favorite is Kailh Pro Burgundy, which I have on my MAIN (GMMK TKL) and am working on swapping my Rk61 to from RK Reds. Anything tactile similar to the Burgundy's actuation point and force? Maybe even slightly heavier at around 60g or so. I've looked for information about the Purples but it doesn't seem like there's too much running around. I thought about the V2 zeals at 68g or something like that, opinions? Thanks!

Maybe try a switch tester from NovelKeys?
Jul 29, 2019
Just ordered a tactile tester from kbdfans, hopefully there won't be any issues with the zeals on it, I hope it'll arrive soon. Nonetheless, I'd like to hear some opinions. Personally I've narrowed it down so far to Hako violet and box burnt oranges. I've been told Hakos tend to be more tactile than the burnt oranges in general, but I'd like to hear more opinions on the entire tactile spectrum so that I'd have more information in addition to my personal opinion as I get the tester (after all typing on 1 key isn't going to be the same as someone using a switch on their day to day kb)