Looking for advice on two headphones!

Hi! I'm looking for headphones that have generally a good sound stage (I believe that's what it's called. Sorry if I use wrong terminology I'm still very new to this headphone thing) for gaming but can also be used for listening to music. That being said! Here's what I'm looking for: EDIT: Both open-back! Forgot to add that >_< First Set (Mine) Budget - I am willing to spend a maximum of $200, however $100 or sub $100 is preferable! (I am willing to stretch budget for a significant quality improvement.)

Source/Amp - I am plugging the headphones directly into my PC or to my Blue Yeti! How the gear will be used - Gaming and listening to music. That is literally the only thing I will be doing with them. Preferred tonal balance - This is where me being a noob comes into play. I listen to mostly soft and relaxing music such as Vexento (Most notably Staring at the Lights and Yesterday on Repeat), but I also really enjoy listening to things like Imagine Dragons. The only two genres I don't personally listen often to are Rock and Techno. Do with that information what you may! (Tonally balanced headphones are totally fine too!) I can provide more bands and songs if needed!

Past gear experience - Some Genius headphones that have a usb thing to connect and vibrate the ears. That's all, really. I intend to jump into the world of headphones finally and learn the beauty! Second Set (SO's) Budget - The same as mine! Source/Amp - Same! How the gear will be used - She will be using the headphones for very similar things as I. She enjoys gaming a lot too, but I think hers could be a little more musically oriented because she loves music. Preferred tonal balance - My SO likes ... Drastically different music from me. She enjoys listening to rock music and techno music. Her two favorite songs being Astronomia and One. Other notable things she enjoys listening to are: Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Adele, Florence & the Machine, etc. I can provide more information if needed!

Past gear experience - The same as me too, she uses the exact same Genius headphones I did. I hope I provided enough information! If needed, I can provide more always! ❤ Thank you so much in advance

Aug 2, 2019
For gaming I would recommend the AKG K7xx. Amazing soundstage and are considered one of the best gaming headphones. They are fine for music as well, but not as good as the hd6xx. its a trade off. But you can find the k7xx for 100 used on certain sites; it’s generally less used than the hd6xx.
Jul 30, 2019
Honestly, something like the Sennheiser HD 58X or HD 6XX would be a great starting point. Those headphones get recommended a lot for a reason; they serve as a great reference and teach you a lot of things about what a good audiophile set of headphones should do for you. Also, as your system grows, those headphones will scale up with you. They really do scale like mad with better gear. If you want something that will have more treble sparkle and "air" get the AKG K7XX or the Hifiman HE-4XX. Personally I don't really use my K7XX much because it's not to my taste, but your experience may differ. Whatever you do, don't get the HE-4XX unless you plan on getting an external amp. Heck, for that matter all of the above mentioned headphones benefit from an external amp and better DAC. Out of a PC, even with some expensive Asus soundcard you're only going to get about 60% of the performance of these headphones (less for the Sennheisers; those scale all the way up with gear that costs in the thousands). Everyone starts somewhere. Good luck, have fun!
Jul 30, 2019
Sure thing! I'm all ears. I investigated thr 2000x too and kind of wanted one but, its discontinued and I'd need to save more so I'm very doubtful I'll get them unfortunately.
Jul 31, 2019
I will have to admit that I have little experience with Audio Technica headphones aside from the M40X and the M50X, so I can't really help you out there. I'm not sure what area you live in, but one of the most effective ways to find out is to go to a local hifi store and try this stuff out for yourself. You might be surprised at what actually fits your preferences.