Oct 9, 2017

Electronics Srewdriver Set Request

I would love to see a drop for a good high quality screwdriver set for electronics repair. All I can seem to find around me is really cheap stuff that does not hold up. Anyone else interested?
gorian2222, tm.la, and 3 others

Sorry to double-post, but I'm putting together a set of soldering stations at work. It'd be nice to see polls/drops for all the tools you normally keep with an iron. (I'm building these as tool trays: hex wrenches, screw drivers, flush cutters, needle nose, tweezers, hemostats, two sets of strippers to cover all the gauges, Panavise, Hako iron, solder rack, etc. all on one board with handles so it can be moved to where the work is.)
I've been using my Wiha set for something like twenty years. If a poll is set up, please include their sets. I'll vote for 'em in a heartbeat.