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Anyone into peacoats?

Hey, so I am a 17 y/o programmer and I have a coat collection. Although a lot of my coats are on the cheap end, low quality. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good brand or perticual good quality pea coat or double breasted trench coat, preferably both. I don't have a lot of free time lately, and my efforts to find a good coat have been less than successful. Maybe its to early in the year? Anyway, if someone could give me a brand or link, or make a poll here on mass drop that would be great.

I was searching for a peacoat a while back and settled of a toggle coat instead but I was seriously considering either picking up the Jcrew one with naval buttons or picking up an officers edition from an army surplus.
This one went down to about $150 during black friday back when I was shopping.
You still have some growing to do so I wouldn't start investing in higher end ($400 and up). Perhaps you can try Army, Navy Surplus stores, thrifting in high end communities (1st 2 options are hit and miss as well as time consuming). Another option is to have a military buddy or relative make an authentic purchase for you. Otherwise, you can find various styles and degrees of quality pea coats from Khols, Macys, Nordstrom, J Crew, Lands End, Orvis, Brooks Brothers, Neiman Marcus. Just depends on the details and price that you're looking for. Keep in mind that an authentic USN Pea Coat is cut to cover your bum (unlike a fashion pea coat which may stop at mid crotch), If you are not overweight, go with your normal suit size.
I second this, you'll find a range of options at those stores - find the one that best balances looks, quality and cost for your needs.
I had a Kenneth Cole Reaction peacoat that served me well for 5+ years of light use. Probably wouldn't have survived as long as a daily wearer but you mentioned having a collection, so I'm guessing this coat will see a rotation.
Schott has some good classic pea coats all year round.
If I was in the US or UK, I'd try something from Montgomery Outdoor Clothing, https://www.originalmontgomery.com/ Haven't tried it but they look serious.
Nice budget friendly price point. Surprised that the pea coat was Bemberg lined vice no, partial, or a lesser quality rayon.