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korean steamed egg dolsot

Ever since I ordered a steamed egg at a KBBQ I wanted to be able to make it at home. Would love to see a drop for the special pot it's made in. I have no idea what makes a good one or which brands are best.
steve and Duncan

As mentioned above, you can use a ramekin in place of the stone pot. (I use ramekins when i make them.)
Same here - a good ramekin does the trick really well......and if you simply place a small plate over the ramekin after its cooked for a little bit, it ends up nicely warming and finishing the egg without too much steam to make it soggy....comes out fluffy.
It's basically a custard and you don't need special equipment. You could use a ramekin. Set it in a pot with a lid, add water until it's halfway up the ramekin, put the lid on, get the water steaming and let it steam for 12 minutes.
eh? There's no special egg pot, they just use typical korean stone pots which you can get in any korean grocery store (and sometimes chinese ones but most chinese ones sell clay pots which is different so make sure you get the right one in Chinese shops).
The recipe isn't that different from Chinese steam eggs as well, the most basic ingredient is half water/stock and half beaten eggs (with or without some milk) in equal proportion. Koreans and Chinese season it with slightly different ingredients, some overlaps like green onions. After that steam it in the container of choice be it stone pots or just ceramic/glass bowls. If you're really lazy you can also just pour in a sauce pan and cook it over the stove...
Things you can add in are like diced carrots, red chillis, fresh shitake, sesame oil, etc.
Do you have an image of one? The egg and/or pot?