Oct 14, 201752 views

computer components for a $2,000 gaming rig

does anyone have any great ideas that they would like to discuss and share with the community.

LCD side panel looks so cool man you should totally do it. It doesn't not even cost that much it just hard thou
Custom water cooling 2 gtx 1080ti Diy LCD side panel 1tb ssd 32gb of Ram 3200 i7 8600k
Does your budget exclude a need for a monitor? If so 1070 gtx, 1 firecuda 2TB for data, Nmve 500gb (recommend the Samsung over WD), and then it's just what you can afford/is on sale for Motherboard, ram, cpu and a water cooling unit for it.
The new coffee-lake i5-8400 for price to performance is a great deal as long as your not looking to overclock
Not really on current motherboards IMO. If one is going to be forced to buy a Z-series, at least buy a K-series SKU to put on it.