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FIRST REVIEWS: Shotgunshane:  https://drop.com/buy/drop-jvc-ha-fdx1-dual-carbon-iem/talk/2492647 Mkubota1: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/drop-jvc-ha-fdx1-dual-carbon-iem-available-in-the-us.912737/#post-15116376 Crinacle:  https://crinacle.com/2019/08/20/drop-jvc-ha-fdx1-unboxing/   GRAPHS: Jude:



james444: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/drop-jvc-ha-fdx1-dual-carbon-iem-available-in-the-us.912737/page-4#post-15125113 Crinacle: https://crinacle.com/graphs/drop-jvc-ha-fdx1/     NAMING HELPER: JVC’s Base/Stock Product Name: JVC HA-FD01 Class S SOLIDEGE Inner Ear Headphones Collaboration Official Product Name: Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 DUAL CARBON IEMS Engraving on each earpiece: DROP HA-FDX1 DUAL CARBON   Don't worry, I have a decoder:
(Actually, I cheated. I asked JVC.)    “HA” → HA means that headphones category in our regulation  “FD” → FD means that inner-ear headphones and especially "SOLIDEGE" category in our regulation  “DLC” → Diamond-Like Carbon. Carbon material which has diamond-like hardness.  “DOME” → Center portion of diaphragm, a DOME shape of PEN material and coated with DLC.  “DUAL CARBON” → Two different sections of the diaphragm and two different types of carbon coatings.   PRODUCT DETAILS from Drop questions to JVC about the technology and design: -Stainless steel earpiece bodies.  -Special earpiece design allows the nozzle to rotate 360 degrees. This takes into consideration the shape of the ear, which varies from person to person & allows for cables to be worn over the ear or straight down.  Video showing the cables worn over-ear or down with the rotating earpieces:
https://youtu.be/IAXhheUWdq4 Newly developed 11mm dynamic driver unit: -DLC DOME DUAL CARBON driver unit with newly developed diaphragm, air damper, and metal driver case used in JVC FD Series IEMs -Other companies normally coat whole diaphragm by using DLC (Diamond-like Carbon). -Coating whole area with DLC results in a harsh sound and is fatiguing to the ear. -Using hybrid driver materials through trial and error in the DLC DOME DUAL CARBON design generated a non-fatiguing and high-resolution sound. This dual material hybrid structure is JVC’s proprietary development technology.  -The driver diaphragm is made out of two different materials (a PEN* center dome & PET* outer ring) and then coated with two different coatings (diamond-like carbon on the dome, black carbon on the outer ring). *NERD NOTES: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN) are structurally related polyesters. PEN is significantly stiffer and stronger, with a modulus almost twice that of PET. -Hybrid materials/coatings are how they achieve resolution/detail without harshness from the diaphragm. -Large 11mm driver achieves effortless bass (can move a lot of air). -Use of a single dynamic driver creates a very natural sound (we are used to dynamic drivers in most speakers, only one driver per ear means there is no crossover point where sonic wave cancellations or overlap can exist). -Titanium driver case reduces unwanted vibration/resonance. -Accurate motion air damper: A newly designed air damper achieves accurate movement of the diaphragm.  -The cable is designed to be tangle-free and quiet.  There is also some extra shielding of the channels. -JVC makes my favorite ear tips of all time which are hard to get in the US: Spiral Dots!  These are the second version, the Spiral Dot+. The Spiral Dot+ have slightly “gummier” silicone domes and are more comfortable than the first version.     ABOUT-TO-BE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
What will be in the box? (3) pairs of removable stainless steel nozzles (stock & two community mod damping variants), stainless steel earpieces, MMCX cable, carrying case, 5 different-sized pairs of JVC Spiral Dot+ ear tips. Warranty?  Yes, you will have a 1-year Warranty certificate from JVC in the box with the Drop version. Ship Date?  We're working on the estimated ship date, please press the REQUEST button so you are reminded about pre-sale day on 9/5/2019 for the intro pricing and the ship date.
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