MQA enabled DAC

Hi there, I want to buy an MQA enabled DAC, but for some reason is seems to be extremely hard to find a quality MQA DAC in my budget range, which would be around $1000. The Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital seems to be one option and is way below my budget (which is a good thing), but I don't see raving reviews about its sounds quality which kind off defeats the purpose of listening to MQA tracks. Audioquest's DragonFly series looks interesting, but I want to go for a desktop solution not a mobile one and the BlueSound Node also doesn't have an impressive sound quality (like is the case with the Pro-Ject). So my primary would be: Can anybody around here recommend an MQA enabled DAC under the $1000 mark that is better than the Pro-Ject? Also, is there any chance that Drop will bring an MQA-enabled DAC to market? I would love that.
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Sep 17, 2019
SMSL M500... I'm hoping drop has it soon...
Aug 30, 2019
I have a little Hiby R3 and it streams Tidal. I use the USB C out on the bottom of the R3 and it goes into my DAC with a micro USB.. and it is AMAZING.
Aug 25, 2019
MQA is another unneeded ploy by the recording industry to control music distribution and collect tithe... the artists are out of the barn along with DSD & FLAC,, they really don’t need a “recording industry” in the old sense very much... anymore... thus their concern, and why they push MQA... We have high speed streaming w/o the need for some form of musical software/hardware origami unfolding, really... we were able to stream "Gone with the Wind" in under 2 sec. back in the 90's,, consumer stuff is just catching up... I will next be getting a BT & “open” WiFi unit, with no licensing fees the next go-around. Get a DAC/player with everything else you want... that also happens to have MQA... Project is a good choice,, or... try a recording made in dsd, played back in dsd; rendered back to analog on an r-2r dac, amplified through some free-electron valves, into some decent cans or speakers,, mqa,,, really... we need this musical origami for exactly what,, again?? Tithing to Warner Records? Nice mqa chat here:
Aug 28, 2019
Holy Mother of God... finished the thread... darkness is trying to descend upon the sound of music once again, it's name is MQA, gather all your clean and uninfected FLAC & DSD files now! Care to share that Tidal tool? Wondered if this was doable.
Aug 28, 2019
I can give you the tool sure, just I'm on vacation with my family right now. The tool requires registration and I wish there was a way I could pm you the details on Massdrop. Edit: actually you could message me on head-fi, I use the same username there.