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Ultimate Ears UE 6 PRO opinion

I’ve had my UE6 PRO CIEMs for almost 4 weeks now, and I love their sound signature!  For my taste, these are my favorite IEMs, even compared to some pretty high-end IEMs.  I am kind of a basshead, and these easily fit that role, with a prominent low end, but they still sound well everyday basshead IEM. I have several IEMs that do bass well, but none are this good with mids and highs also. Don’t expect neutral with these, though. While I definitely like full and deep bass, what I was most looking forward to, and am most pleased with, are the mids.  The dynamic drivers sound so natural and realistic.   Electric guitars especially sound spectacular, with a very analog sound.  String vibrations are palpable.   Vocals sound very smooth as well.  I don’t find detail lacking at all. These may be my favorite headphones/earphones for rock. Their main weakness is classical music or any genres where neutrality is important. Prior to my purchase, I didn’t find many reviews of these IEMs, and none on the UE site (but now there are a few, go figure).  This was a mostly blind purchase for me.  My hopes and expectations were exceeded.   I play drums and these are perfect for that application, with very good isolation, but now these are my daily go-to IEMs.   The bass isn’t as fast or dry as BA bass, but I like the sound much more.  The mids are slightly recessed compared to the highs and lows, but these don’t have a very pronounced V-shaped signature.   If desired, a little bit of EQ works well.  The highs are crisp, clear, extended, and detailed.   These IEMs have a warm sound overall, but the highs don’t sound veiled.  They’re not harsh or sibilant at all either.   I think UE chose the perfect complement of drivers for this IEM.  Separate dynamic drivers for bass and mids, with a BA for highs.   This is the only hybrid IEM, with this mix of drivers that I know of.  Anyways, these are my 2c on a rarely reviewed IEM. 5 stars, for what they are.


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